Animal Jam Customer Service


How To Contact Animal Jam

PO Box 3624
Salt Lake City, UT 84110-3624 USA
Email: 1-888-340-7313


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  1. if i could give this a negative 5 stars i would!!! let me start by saying this company is a fraud i truly believe the company must hack it players- with the amount of ppl complaining about being hacked. My daughter received a years membership for her Christmas gift and it hasn’t even been a month since shes been on and shes had her account hacked?!! she played for months before she got her paid account and now i pay for it and her accounts suspended !! this is absolutely crazy i try to log on my parent account and it tells me my password{which i know} is incorrect i reset it and used the email link it worked for a day !! i tried to log on the next day to see if i could block her account till we get it fixed and again it tells me my password isnt correct !! wtf seriously- so i go to reset it again and never receive a email to do so…i try to get a hold of customer service and oh there isnt one now- i have to email support and wait for more of there bullcrap im beyond craped i dont recommend paying this company a dime!! let them play for free that way if they get hacked it wont matter so much–

  2. Try making a new account it works put a new username and password my username is angelle3757 hope this works tell me if it did .

  3. I just logged on to see that I was hacked !!!! everything is gone, den items, dens, headdress, and rare collars. I even had some of my cousins stuff…… please please help !!!! My user name is iluvanimals7272

  4. hi i just got my rare black spike collar scammed they locked me out of there den my user name on aj is jamjam709 i would like a rare spike collar back please 🙁

  5. hi im morgans mom here rare green spike got scammed could u plz gift here another user tannerm26184

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