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AT&T Customer Service Contact Phone Number for Support and Help

AT&T is a communications giant that is the largest provider of mobile phone service and home phone service. AT&T’s brands include Uverse, AT&T Wireless, Pre-Paid Calling Cards and GoPhone Mobile.

AT&T has consistently provided innovative, reliable, high-quality products and services and excellent customer care for more than a century. At&t’s mission is to connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else. They are fulfilling this vision by creating new solutions for consumers and businesses and by driving innovation in the communications and entertainment industry.

AT&T Customer Service Contact Information

The contact phone numbers are listed for the various departments within AT&T.

AT&T Help Line: 1-800-2747
AT&T Wireless Support: 1-800-331-0500
Uverse Support: 1-800-288-2020
AT&T and Directv: 1-800-288-1145
AT&T and Dish: 1-866-722-7500
AT&T Internet: 1-800-288-2020
AT&T Landline: 1-800-288-2020
AT&T Español 1-800-559-0050
TTY: 1-888-341-2355
Shareholders: 1-800-351-7221
Pre-Paid Cards: 1-800-288-2020
Military: 1-800-288-2020
AT&T Small Business: 1-877-253-0009
AT&T Large Business: 1-877-253-0009
Collect or Calling Card Calls: 1-800-225-5288

AT&T Hours

24/7 – 24 Hours 7 Days a Week for most services

AT&T Address Information

AT&T Inc. is located in Dallas, Texas. For Bill payment addresses or other locations, please check your statement.

AT&T Inc.
208 South Akard Street
Dallas, Texas 75202 USA

AT&T’s Official Websites

AT&T’s’s official website is AT& To get specific information for your account, log-in to


AT&T does not publish email addresses for various departments. However, they do offer contact us pages, after you login to your account.

Social Media

AT&T is a very progressive company and they maintain several social media accounts. AT&T updates these accounts very frequently. They use social media to , offer promotions, show commercials, offer contests to highlight their brand. Also, they will handle difficult customer service issues using social media. Links to AT&T’s social media accounts are listed below.

AT&T on Facebook
AT&T on Twitter
AT&T on Pintrest
AT&T on Youtube


To reach a live person at AT&T user support, dial from your at&t mobile phone, confirm your phone number then press #1, then press 2, then press 0

Customer Reviews

AT&T’s customer service is some of the best that we have experienced. They offer customer service through a their stores, phone numbers, email and social media. They show all of their contact information on their website. However, they are hard to find.

AT&T is not perfect and they do make mistakes, along with their successes. Please review and rate your customer service experience with AT&T below.

AT&T Customer Service
AT&T Customer Service Number


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Now 2 days with no phone…You may need to contact Amazon to see how they get delivery’s out in less than 24 hours. Your killing my business.

To continue, I don’t use the phone for anything other then calling, texting, checking emails and taking pictures. I am dependent on my phone for business. The employees at the Mantua store in NJ have been very helpful but only so much they can do with the At&T policies. I expect a NEW phone in an unopened box and not a Samsung. also should not have to pay last months charges my time is too valuable!!!

EXTREMELY frustrated!!!! I have had 4 phones since august 8/17 ,that phone would not swipe and the touch screen wouldn’t work, On 5/5/18 was sent out a REFURBISHED phone and that one stop working completely, black screen no charge, took 4 days to get another refurbished phone 5/21/18 which the screen turned neon green and couldn’t read. got sent another REFURBISHED phone and in less than 2 weeks this one also stoped working yesterday, another black screen. I have put about 20 hours into this project retrieving my contacts, since the phone would not take a charge or start up, going through all my texts to put phone number together with names, redownloading APS and passwords.. Spending hours in the AT&T store, spending hours on hold with you and the delivery services tracking my REFURBISHED phone. I expect some compensation for all of this time , I have paid good money, for mine and our 4 other phones and 3 tablets with At&T on time. now how to I get compensated for all my aggravation? I still don’t have a phone as of now. These have all been samsung androids. Your policies on sending back a phone to get another which is not new but REFURBISHED doesn’t help me, Why should I bother to pay the Bill???? on a phone I don’t have.

Get out now whilst you have time AT&T is the worst of all the cell phone providers and are only getting worse. Customers service is non existent we were charged for wifi fees two months after the service was terminated over the phone ! AT&T would not acknowledge that the service had been cancelled. It took 40 minutes on the phone to even get to a live agent and cancel the service originally, then to find out that the agent had not cancelled our service. We were not even in the country when they claimed that 10 GB had been used on our wifi. We ended up paying over $500 for service that was never used by us. So that is one reason why there is so much short interest in their stock. Get out and switch to a much better cell service.

I spent nearly three hours on the phone trying to get help with our recently slow internet speed. I am still waiting for resolution after being given an email address that does not exist, after asking for an address to write a letter. This is the worst customer care experience I have ever encountered. The customer service system is terribly flawed, obviously set up to benefit A T & T, NOT their customers. In my search for an email address that may work, I noticed the shareholder page is much more user friendly, with contact information readily available.

I have been disconnected on the phone 3 times. I thought it was my phone as that is one of my issues.

I then tried the internet. I spoke to several agents who kept transferring me to some one else and then I was disconnected again.

Until today, I would have given a 5 but I am soooo frustrated. I spoke to a rep. at the AT&T Store in Lake Jackson, TX to get a new cell phone and about how to reduce any or all of my at&t bills (Uverse and Mobile). He offered to have my cell phone bill reduced by $40/Mo. if I signed up for Digital Life. He said Digital Life would cost me $10/Mo. so I would see a $30. reduction between the two. I am trying to keep this short. On Friday, I opened my bill from Digital Life and it was for $50.00 I called today to Digital Life to try to get this straightened out but the best they had to offer was to cut the bill to $28. for 8 months. Then, when I tried to cancel Digital Life since I only signed up on 8/19 and it wasn’t installed until 8/27 AND I was told I had 30 days by both the Rep. from the at&t store and the installer who left the boxes for me in the event I did cancel, i was told that AT&T’s policy changed on 8/14 to 14 days. Why is this my fault no one at AT&T except the people at Digital Life new about the change from 30 day to 14 day cancellation policy. AT&T is a communications company isn’t it? Not very good at it within the organization apparently. Then, I just got the bill in at 5:30PM on the 13th day which happened to be a Friday. They then told me I would have to pay $650 (?) as a cancellation fee if i cancelled. ALSO, I just reviewed my cell phone bill from AT&T and it looks like many of the services (Texting, DATAPro for 3G) were dropped. I never authorized this. Is that how the bill was reduced? I never spoke to anyone to cut my service in order to reduce my bill. It looks as that is all the salesman did. I have been an AT&T customer for too long for me to remember. I have been paying $300. per mo. but after today, that is all it is taking. I have promoted AT&T to family and friends but now I am seriously considering dumping ALL AT&T services. he canned speeches both women Indian women I spoke with I didn’t care about. All I was calling for was the price which was not what I was told. Then, I was basically told I couldn’t cancel without a HUGE penalty because the policy had changed. No one informed me of that. So now it looks like rather than reducing my bills, I am supposed to pay MORE. I don’t think so. There are too many other internet/phone/TV & mobile company’s out there for me to be able to lower my bills with.


ATT web and tv service what a joke — I had att for years and then moved — well it would take them a month to hook up my new service — yes called them ahead of time about the move -yes it would easy no problems and had a schedule date for installation —


AT and T has the worse customer service I have ever delt with…..I had wireless internet with them last week they told me modem quit working it was only a yr old .. she said we will send you a new modem and bill you 100.00 dollars I said no I wasn’t going to pay 100 for a modem.. I went to work and mention this to a few people they all had same problem there modem quit just at a yr of my friends at work had bought a AT and T modem for 100 just like mine but had hardly used it…so she said I could have it…when I got home I hooked it up and it worked fine..i called AT and T and told them… they said again they would send me a new one at cost of 100 I said no again…they said I couldn’t use the modem my friend gave me even though it worked and was same modem as mine… so I asked talk to a supervisor and was put off on them putting one on the phone…but finally they did he told me same thing and I said no again I was not going to pay 100 for another modem …later that evening i got a voice message from AT and T stating they placed a order for a modem for me and it would be charged on my next bill …so i called them again the next morning.. talked to a man told him i didn’t order a modem..he said so you telling me to cancel it i said yes i told him i never ordered it …well he didn’t cancel it they sent it anyway …so i called them this morning to disconnect my service of course i got a run around with that also…the ups man showed up this afternoon with a modem i didn’t order i told him send it back and he did. .he told me he had problems with AT and T customer service also.. so by tomorrow morning they better have my service off …i wont tolerate a company that does as they please send me items i didn’t ok for them to charge me what is wrong with A T and T No means No


My landline is not working. Base shows no line. People trying to call me say they get a busy signal.

AT & T is definitely NOT a service oriented company who cares about their customers. Just try to ask for any remedy to correctly adjust your bill. Very adamantly, you are told “WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS”. Period, plain and simple.

They are always posting your bills EARLY in hopes that you and so many other customers will pay that bill EARLY.

All company’s make a ton of interest money by you paying your bills EARLY.

SO…. just don’t pay AT & T EARLY!! Pay your AT & T bill on the date that it is due. Do you realize just how much interest you are putting in their pockets?? DON’T!!


The robot that answers is incredibly non-functional and repetitive. it wastes too much of my time then sends me to either the wrong department or the right one, where i have to repeat everything again. it is unfortunate that ma bell rakes in so much $$ and can’t make customer service – a service.

Unfortunately for the reps, by the time tin man switches the call over, we the customer (revenue producer) are already ticked off by the stupid questions and inane slogans we are forced to listen to. “don’t text and drive” which not only is said by tin man but then the poor rep is also forced to repeat it, is an insult to any thinking adult. Stop it. When I call i just want to address the reason i am calling, not anything else.

Although company policies and actions are below quality expected for such a time honored company, I must give praise to the reps who are professional and really do try too help. THEY get my 4 stars…. not the administration.

my wife & i are so disapointed in at&t our phones are eaght mounths old windows phones hers crashed mine has quit 2 times, at&t service is the worst they tell u one thing and do outher not happy. in okla,

poor service 5 calls in 3 day’s still the problem is not fixed,What do I have to do to get someone

whom would know what to do????

My mother 84 yrs old has had AT&T for years an years. Her phone went out on July the 29th. I called first thing on the 30th. Was told it would be Monday the 4th before they would have it fixed. The 4th came, nothing till about 7:00 that night got a message on my cell phone that I gave them as a contact #, saying they would have it as priority next day, the 5th. Well the 5th came and went, nothing. So I call again and was told they didn’t even show a work order for her. I explained what we had already been through and told. explained she was 84 yrs old and had a disabled son living with her and this was the only phone she had and it needed to be fixed. Had already been 7 days. Was told they could not meet my request and was given a third repair date, Monday the 11th. So needless to say AT&T lost my mothers business, which I’m sure doesn’t bother them. I called a new provider and she now has phone service.

AT&T service repairman called 1/2 hour before my scheduled appointment to let me know that he was on his way. Arrived on time, introduced himself as Jim and he listen to me tell him my problem. He told me that he had checked on the computer and knew what the problem was. He stated my equipment was out dated and need to be replaced. He informed me of everything he was doing and answered all of my questions. Jim made sure that all of my services were working properly. He was very polite and cleaned up his things after he had finished. Before he left he asked if their was anything else he could do for me. If I have any other problems, I will ask for JIM. Thank You Jim, you were awesome.

I do not like AT&T I find this company to be a fraudulent organization. I called in and request a new phone number because of all the crazy calls for other people and my number is suppose to be unlisted. What happen with me is that the lady I spoke with said “no problem we can help you with this, but in order to change your phone number we have to put you in our new system because you have an old number.” Well I am thinking this is AT&T and if the representative said the number was old and before it could be changed I had to be put in the new system then that was alright. Never once did she tell me the new system was U-verse. She told me the service guy had to come out and put new wiring in. With the new wiring it would cause my internet to run at a higher speed, she told me that due to the new wiring I would have to pay $99.00 but it would bring my phone bill down to 77.00 monthly. I said great because I can not afford to be paying high bills otherwise I would have to eat cat food. That’s why I cancelled my cell phone services. She said, no problem, after the new wiring your phone number will be changed it’ll take a week. Plus I am going to send you a reward card for 250.00 so the money you will have to pay for the new wiring you will get that back. I said Ok, then she said she would break the wiring installments down so my bill will not be to high into three payments. It turned out that U-verse was installed, I now have a plan I did not ask for and my phone number was never changed. I am no longer with MYat&t & high speed internet, but with U-verse. I never wanted U-verse everytime AT&T U-verse called my home I told them I did not want U-verse I was satisfied with Comcast pay-per-view and my AT&T phone and high speed service. Today I have to pay $156.52 for the next three months and then $77.00 plus taxes after that. This is how AT&T get people trapped there was not honesty here nothing but deception. I like this phone company when it was just Illinois Bell we had great service then, we had people who spoke with you that knew what they were talking about, the men who came out to bring you your new phone and hook up your services were great. Now its about more and more asking you to buy products and them making a commission.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank two of your employees for exceptional service.

Rachael, of customer services, took my complaint call and assured me the issue would be resolved quickly.

Within 45 minutes Tony, the repair technician, arrived and had the problem solved within the hour. GREAT service.

My problem started on 7-12 when we upgraded to U-verse. The U-verse technician disconnected our landline and could not activate it again. I explained to him that my home security system was thru my landline and needed it as soon as possible. He (Tim) stated there was nothing he could do and for us to call customer service on 7-14. I talked to Dave on 7-14 and he said the soonest a technician could be dispatched was on 7-26. This was unsatisfactory. I called customer service and talked to Dara(?) who transferred me to technical service (Earl) who transferred me to special technical service (Chaz?) who was supposed to transfer me to my area tech support center. That call went instead to area support in Texas. I then dialed 877-737-2478 and talked to Jara(?) who transferred me to Rachael of customer service. After talking to six different people, on the phone from 943 am to 1104 am, “talking” to computers and being placed on hold for several minutes I finally talked to someone(Rachael) who understood my problem and took action. A VERY exasperating experience.

The international service on our land fax line was turned off by the company, so we could not receive faxes. The service representative in China threaten to cancel my service all together, because he misunderstood me when I said: You have canceled fax service on my second line. “Are you asking me to cancel your service” he said in a threatening way. This was after calls over two days, and promised call backs from the company that never happened.I am really afraid of what they might do now with our lines!!!


I had a down cable line due to a storm. On the phone four times for about 20 minutes. No response. Terrible customer service. Ended up cutting the line myself. Do not go with AT&T, worst service ever!!!

I have had my phone 2 weeks. My screen cracked and I can’t get calls unless its on speaker. I called the customer service who said I had insurance and could get a phone shipped out the next day. Alls I had to do was call and put a claim in. I called to place my claim and got told I had to send them a signed paper and a copy of my ID. She said she could email it to me. I explained to her that I did not have a printer or any where to pro.t it out. She was rude didn’t want to help me and said that she could mail it to me…after arguing I said forget it….i still have my cracked screen phone. Why pay insurance when I can’t even get my phone replaced and get rude people. Just like the store in wysox, pa. They are very rude people. I couldn’t keep my number when I started my plan…they didn’t have the phone I wanted and was gonna pay for…other people have gone to other stores and they have ordered the phone they wanted and sent it to them but not this store….god forbid if they don’t get right out at closing time. Come on I am worth 5 minutes of your time. I dislike at&t very much but unfortunately I live in canton and that’s the only service we can get. As soon as another company comes in I am switching. Everytime we deal with at&t they are frickin rude and act like they are better than. Maybe at&t should have more respect for people. I want to be treated like a person not just another dollar in ur pocket.

i would like my cellphone turn so i could use it i paid you $139.27 this month so please turn on my phone because i had to get a safe-link goverment cellphone so my doctors and my can call me so i want my turn on and not be suspended know more so i want to use my cellphone now or i will fine another cellphone to use and not this goverment cellphone from safe-link.

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