Best Buy Card


Customer Service Contact Information For Best Buy Card 1-800-365-0292

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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I had a Best Buy card for years. Rarely used it and decided to cancel it due to the annual fee, whether I used the card or not. My credit limit was $600, and was always paid on time and usually paid off. I went in today and tried to purchase a TV for $179 and was denied credit. I had the same income I did when I cancelled my card, so that’s pretty much evidence that I’m not only a good customer, but a good risk. This is the problem with no personal service any longer. I should have reasonably been given the $200 credit amount I was applying for since I’ve already had an excellent record with you folks. Now it’s just cost me a hit on my credit report. Today Best Buy lost a customer who had in the past purchased $1000’s worth of electronics, even before I ever had a credit card with them.

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