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Blackberry the premier smart phone worldwide.


By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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I have been a faithful blackberry user for years. I now am having issues with integrating my email. It tells me my info needs to be updated. Which it doesn’t, I logged in online and my password is the same. T mobile has sent me two othe blackberry classic phones, and it’s getting worse. I kept my old classic (which is new) and waiting on another one. Blackberry is seriously f*cki*g up. I have spent over thousands on these phones. My last BlackBerry phones were the 9930, the Q10, and the classic. I deserve a BlackBerry phone that works.

Very annoyed with the “TECHNICAL SUPPORT” that one allegedly can reach via the 877 number. I have been a BB customer for the last 10 yrs and as off this writing, I AM NO LONGER A CUSTOMER!!!! I have gone to a competitor (Samsung)I tossed the Z10 as I could not get any resolution for the problem. I see why BB has tumbled. Hope that more people will share their displeasure with the way your company provides service.

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