Boingo Customer Service


How To Contact Boingo Customer Service

Boingo is the world’s largest provider of Wi-Fi internet hotspots. 1-800-880-4117


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  1. please help me. I do not have a visa credit card but a debit card. is it crapible to send money using a debit card if iam on a once off payment plan, iam in zambia southern africa

  2. Acct. 2781367210 Billed twice per month. I only have one acct. had same problem last year and it was deducted from my charge.. Se what you can do about this. I use this acct. and do not want to pay twice for it. Thanks, correct error or cancel out…………tried calling with a 7 minute wait. using cell phone can not affford the wait time to talk to you directly……..

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