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  1. I purchased a Super Avenger II in March 2016 and it stopped working after 10 days and I had it replaced by the Breitling store at Bluewater in Kent where I purchased it from (Goldsmiths). The replacement watch has now been in to the service centre twice in Tunbridge Wells (I actually live ½ mile from the repair centre). The watch was running fast and an issue with winding the crown. Told nothing found, sent back to me. I then returned it again as it was clearly an issue. They again stated nothing found. Funny second time the crown works just fine given they could not find a fault. The watch was handed over at the counter not set & running, the back of the watch was dirty. I polish my watch every day. The warranty card was jammed in to its cardboard box and due to the plastic protection being crumpled the warranty card would come out of the sleeve without the sleeve being damaged. My warranty has lost the better part of a month sitting in the service deport. Very disappointed. I was hunting for an email address for Breitling in Switzerland… I am now going to write a letter, I feel so strongly that the Breitling Service centre is poorly run that the parent company needs to be aware how the Tunbridge Wells in Kent UK represents the brand.

  2. I purchased a super ocean 2011 ‘2014 watch hands became loose returned it to authorized dealer where purchased from said required service and they would rectify problem cost £160 , 2016 winder come out in my hand returned to same dealer they informed me required another service and to rectify bill would be £454 lam disgusted a product of such perceived quality should be so unreliable and of poor quality please don’t think it has not been treated with no respect . I own a no of watches including Rolex and have excellent service and never have needed a repair

  3. I purchased chronomat 44 in landroos helsinki on the 19th of April, the watch stopped after I started chronograph,

    Also stopped on the weekend after 10 hours.

    The official dealer told me I need to bring it for service, I really just purchased it. I would like to have the replacement.

  4. Hi I would like someone to contact me if possible, my husband bought me the Breitling Windrider Galactic watch for my 40th birthday, I wore it for the first time on Saturday night and it literally fell off my wrist. I hadn’t banged it or anything!! Luckily I felt it and picked it up, along with the pin. I just didn’t expect something like this to happen with a Breitling. My husband has had his for years too. Disappointed is an understatement 🙁

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