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  1. I’ve ordered a custom Callaway wedge two weeks ago and the company was going the charge my credit card and ship it to someone I don’t know. They even put the account in that persons name. It took several emails, five phone calls to get it straighten out. Now it’s been two weeks and it hasn’t been shipped and when it is I’ll be surprised if It’s right! Now this is the second time I’ve ordered something from Callaway and both have been a nightmares. This will be the last time I order from Callaway and I know that company won’t care but I will spend my $2,000.00 to $3,000.00 each year some place else!

  2. Let me begin by saying I LOVE CALLAWAY and will always use you. However, I am a little upset with a recent order that was placed through golf galaxy. I ordered a driver (left handed) and was told it would be 10 days once the order was placed; the order was placed in front of me in the store. I called golf galaxy to check on the status after two weeks of waiting and to my surprise it was just now shipped today. We are told it should arrive in a few days via UPS and then we can come to the store to retrieve it. I find it hard to believe that Callaway cannot meet the demand for left handed golfers considering one of your leading spokes man is a left handed player. I suspect the fault may lay with golf galaxy as well for promising it in ten days. Oh well no big deal guess I will just have to miss another tournament this week at my club.

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