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How To Contact Chrysler Group Customer Service

Chrysler Group Customer Care
P.O. Box 21-8004
Auburn Hills, MI 48321-8004 1-800-247-9753


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  1. I had a 2005 Chrysler 300 and loved everything about it! So I bought a new one in 2012. It’s not so good. Anyway my radio goes out too. Not actually the radio but the speakers. No audio. But I have found a fix. (Don’t know why it goes out or why this fix works but….) Anyway to get sound back, take the batteries cable off. Unhook them and wait about 2 minutes and they rehook them and then restart the car and the sound is back. idk but it works for a 2012 model. A local guy that installs radio/stereo systems toll me about this fix.

  2. new dodge 1500 Truck I had the best exp. at Kunes country in Oregon,IL I have bought Chrysler products

    for over 50 years first time from this dealer will not be the last

    Ron A

  3. security dodge amityville n.y. has had my ram 1500 eco diesel for 50 days installed new long block and still cant get it right. truck is one year old 12000 miles.they suck.

  4. OK, it has now been almost a year since I was told that there was going to be a recall on my Grand Cherokee. I received the notice of the safety recall in January. When I last contacted you, I was told that you would have the parts by early Summer. Early Summer is here, are the parts here? I think that you are waiting for the numbers of Jeep owners for this model to go away or at least diminish. I am not going away. I have taken good care of my car and intend to keep it till it rusts away, which it may do due to the shoddy clear coat job and ultra thin paint layer that was put on the vehicle when it was constructed by Chrysler. Please let me know when I can get the safety recall taken care of. VIN IJ4GZ58S7WC223922.

  5. 2005 dodge durano..the “svc4wd” light comes on and 4 wheel drive engages itself while im driving. ill hit the unlock button on my key getting into the car and the motor that engages the 4wd starts running. ive seen web sites where other durangos have the same problem but when i call the dealers ship they say they need to search for the problem which could cost thousands. wtf…they dont have a clue. only have 75 thousand miles on it and i cant drive it. guess its another good reason to buy a ford.

  6. I recently purchased a 2003 Chrysler Sebring conv., that has 35,000 miles . I took it to Delray Chrysler in Florida for a complete going over for $833, not qouted price at time of drop off. Okay, I am new in town and don’t know about shop supplies and disposal rules her. But work I paid for was not done, such as tire rotation and balance. Now those are the things I could see, if they weren’t how can I trust that the hidden thing have been done. The Aid conditioner wasn’t and isn’t cool. I was told well it’s old, bull. My mother has a 1990 Toyota with ice cold air conditioner. I returned and the wheel balance and rotation was done and the cabin filter changed, air works better not great. Next the door handle breaks and I am quoted $193.00 out the door, at check out its $222.20. Explanation shop supplies and disposal, what happened to “out the door”. Oh, that will be me as to not going back and I will find an honest mechanic here in Boynton Beach Florida. That what you get for being new in town.

  7. I’m a former CJDR dealer. I have a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 70,000 miles on it. I personally purchased this vehicle in 2013. Recently, I ‘ve had small issues with the AC. I recall sometime ago when I had my dealership that we had several complaints with the AC on the Grand Cherokee’s. Now, I’m faced with this problem. The Evaporator needs to be replaced with a total charge of $1300.00 plus tax. Since this has been an ongoing problem with this product, I’m asking for financial assistance from the Chrysler Corp. Please do get with me ASAP.

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