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How To Contact Citi Cards Customer Service

Citi¬ Cards is Citibank’s credit card division. They provide credit card services in the US and worldwide.

Technical Assistance:


About Your Credit Card Account:


Outside the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico Call Collect:


TDD/TTY for the Hearing Impaired:


Internet Security Specialists:

1-888-285-9696 1-800-633-7367


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  1. Trying to contact them all day.. Keep getting same recording 45 minutes then 25 minutes no response doing this al l day t long., very diisatified.

  2. I have had the same experience as Jewellz!!

    I had an expired card, less than $130 of purchases were made- somehow??. I have tried to get it resolved 4 times with various customer service agents. I agreed to pay a minimal amount to resolve this issue to clear my credit. My credit is still in question. I was given a phone number to contact Expiron , Citi’s outsource service. It is not possible to speak with a live person. I called Citi back and .

    It took a minimum of 45 minutes to get someone on the phone. I then had to reexplain the situation again.

    After spending 30 minutes to re-explain on the last call, I was disconnected. Citi has all my contact info and did not even attempt to call me back.

    I will never get another card from Citi.

  3. I have been with Citi since the 80’s and 3 times, my card was breached. Each time Citi has promptly taken care of it and always remind me I have 0% liability on fraudulent charge. As always Citi, thank you for your continued help and support.

  4. Wow bad reviews, glad I read, was thinking of applying with you but NOT NOW OR EVER! Sounds like you really rip people off, shame on you!!! BAD BUSINESS!!

  5. What a nightmare. Needed new password, spoke to three agents, plus technical support, got nowhere. Went

    through process three times which amounted to 45 minutes. Would be better off closing account.

    Again, what anightmare.

  6. I owe the credit card company, and have been paying it off, in amounts over what they demanded. I requested that I be told exactly how much money I owed was left, and I was told that “they” couldn’t give me that amount, after dropping off my social security number, address, mother’s maiden name, zip code. I was not allowed to have access to that information.

    Citi bank is the worst. They no longer will answer letters, which is what I once did. Being half deaf, I am put off by the vast number of foreign speaking peoples who answer the phone and do not know how to speak clear English.

  7. My Citibank branch turned into BB&T in June and I went and closed my checking account. I went online and changed autopay for the Citi Credit Card to my new Chase checking account. For two months, the autopay failed to work and I was charged late fees, despite calling Citi each time. Today I was on the phone for one hour and talked to three different “specialists.” The first told me my autopay was never setup and transferred me to another person to help me set it up. The second person told me autopay was setup, but to my old Citibank checking account, which was still open! I said that was impossible; she transferred me to a third person who would help me close it. The third person then tells me the account is indeed closed, but she can’t help me set autopay, I have to call the credit card, i.e., the number I had already originally called 40 minutes ago. Then I spend 20 minutes on hold for a representative, at which point I give up. This is surreal and an indictment on the dramatic lowering standards of customer service at our largest corporations.

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