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How To Contact Citi Mortgage Customer Service

Citi Mortgage offers information about mortgages, competitive mortgage rates, home refinancing and home loan products. 1-800-283-7918


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  1. CitiMortgage is not a reputable company. We have been waiting over 10years for them to remove the MIP mortgage insurance premium that they promised to remove 5 years ago. They said we had to wait 5 yrs, then 7 years and then they said we were late on one payment but we have direct debit with the bank it comes out automatically every month from the checking account so they said we had to wait another year. Then they said we had to pay over 2 thousand and that they would remove it. Then they found a late charge…for the late payment that never occurred. So we paid all the money they requested and we were waiting for the removal…we received a letter stating that their calculations were incorrect and that we have to pay an additional 500 on the principal if we want the MIP removed.

    SKDFOJEFOEP_NCZXLCLKDXCX oooooocvhjaoiwseh0or9asu-0c9vl Ten years and literally hundreds of hours on the phone and we are still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Horrible company, who trains them?

  2. I am truly hoping the President of Citi reads this so he will be informed as to how his employees handle “customer service”. In June 2015 and July 2015 Citi deducted not only one house payment, but TWO from my bank account. I am a 71 year old single woman, living on my retirement. Two house payments deducted each month cause me a great deal of frustration and financial difficulty. In June 2015, I immediately called Citi and was told to FAX a copy of my bank statement, which I did. I called Citi the same day to make sure they received the information required and was told they did. I was told at that time I would receive a check in the mail within the next 7 days – which I did!! In July 2015, after checking my bank account, I saw where Citi had deducted two payments AGAIN, SECOND month in a row! I went to my bank, received the statement, FAX’d it to Citi and again, called to make sure they had the information required. I was told by a gentleman in “Payment Research” a deposit would be made in my bank account in 3-5 days and he was very sorry for the inconvenience. Well, ten days later I called Citi, explaining my plight. I requested to speak to and was transferred to a female supervisor in “Payment Research” and was told that I would receive a deposit in my bank account in 7-26 days. The female supervisor I spoke to, said she could “understand my frustration, but could do nothing”. I replied I was 71 years of age, living on my retirement and I was sure she could NOT understand my frustration or she would try to help me. I worked for 30 years in a state University system, and I know if you want to help someone you will find a way. I have spoken to my bank to make sure this does not happen again. I feel I have been dissed by Citi, evidently they have forgotten about “customer service”. Shame on you Citi, for making your customers feel like they really do not matter. .

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