Citi Simplicity


Citi¬ Simplicity is Citibank’s no annual fee credit card. The card offers users no late fees, and no penalty rate. 1-866-696-5673


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RushCard Customer Service

RushCard Customer Service Customer Service Customer Service
  • It is rare to get your information so quickly. My phone call was answered in less than one minute. The person answered my question and I hung up in less than 3 minutes.

  • I was on hold for over an hour on two separate occasions. I spoke with two different representatives who ask me to hold on only to never pick up the phone again. I was told by one representative that they just took over Costco business and the call volume was very high. What that had to do with helping me (a customer) is beyond understanding. If I had to rate them I would have to start with a negative 10.

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