ClearWire provides Wireless broadband internet access in the United States.


By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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Please check your billing. Clearwire overbilled me for years. I actually was contacted back last August about the overbilling (which was automatically drafted from my account) and they owed me over $1500. They agreed that the only amount they would pay was $740. Although I disagreed and they would present no documentation where they got their figures I thought “oh well” at least it is half. First, they informed me that on August 10th that it would be 30 to 60 business days to get it back. Second, after not receiving it by November I started calling and found out that they sent it to another address (although I have had the same address for 15 years). They could not explain why they sent it to the wrong address. Third, after numerous calls with no answer except “We sent an email to accounting and have not heard back” I finally found out that they were reissuing another check sometime after December 29th. Yes, December 29th and that I would have to wait another 30 to 60 business days. If I didn’t recieve it after that time to call them again and they would check into it AGAIN! Nobody can tell me when I will receive it or when it will be sent. Nobody will transfer me to accounting to check. No one will transfer me to upper management to look into the issue. They say that all they can do is email accounting and have to wait for their answer. There has never been an answer of WHEN this would be resolved. So it is now January 17th and I still don’t have the $740 that they said (and emailed) that I would receive. My experience unfortunately is TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, NO FOLLOW THROUGH, AND CROOKED IN THAT THEY ARE KEEPING ALOST $1000 DOLLAR OF MY MONEY! My advise is to use another company or if you stay with Clear please check your bill every month (especially if it is automatically drafted). Yes, I should have checked better earlier too. Hope this helps others. BTW if others are having this problem maybe this is a bigger corruption than just with me. Please contact BBB or whatever protection exists to watch them. Thanks

Hello I have an account I do not recall my username and password you email me saying you have received payment I own two devices one is for my PC one for laptop how does my sister connect from her iPad to use my PC with lights all lit up

Clearwire (Clear) kept getting weaker and weaker, disappeared altogether about a week ago. Purchased by Sprint in July 2013. File a complaint with the FCC and find a new provider. Customer service lied their butts off to us ovet and over.

my internet service is awful I have had clearwire for years and it is getting worse all the time if this cant be improved I will change to a different server.

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