24 Hour Fitness Phone Number


24 Hour Fitness Customer Service Phone Number and Contact Information. Contact 24 Hour Fitness Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.
24 Hour Fitness
Attn: Member Services
PO Box 2689
Carlsbad, CA 92018

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  1. ‘very poor gym, size means nothing. nobody pays the same, they raise my fee every year, some people have had not raises, they claim its the month you join very lousy music would never recommend sunrise super sport florida to anyone. ghetto music

  2. ‘We use the gym that is located in “The Village Mall” in Orange, CA. The past year the cleanliness and maintenance at the facility has deteriorated greatly. We have spoken to them when the showers that don’t drain, no soap, stained towels, shower handles missing and etc. Hopefully you can speak to them to get their act together. It was great under the old management but that is not longer true.

  3. “Actually, the first person I called would get a MINUS RATING. The second one I called would be a 5 star!

    I had been misinformed when a building I had gone to for 3 years was going to be demolished, and the one I had gone to for 15 years before that was also closed for good. I was told if I paid in the middle of March, I could go until they closed the first week of April, and then I’d be put on a freeze. However, I was billed in April. NOT liking that, I called. The first agent I talked to admitted I was misinformed, I had reinacted the freeze since I went the last part of March, and would need to put $10 to activate the freeze. $10 more? and what about what I paid in April? I was allowed to go to other 24 hour fitness centers, though they would require MUCH longer drive times, etc. NO!!! Basically, that was it. SO, I called again, and the lady was lovely, answered my concerns, understood why I had done what I had done, etc…. I joined Hartz in 1997, paid my dues for 19 years, so I don’t feel like I have not deserved a little ‘understanding’!!! Basically, it was ‘too bad I was misinformed’ from the first agent to the second agent that was sorry, realized I would not have put myself on a freeze one day and gone in the next!! Thank you for my ability to get another agent when I called the same number!!! That was the only thing the first one did I right. Thank you…..and I do hope another 24 hour is built in Kirkland WA! and I hope all the people that call do NOT get the first agent and get the second agent!!! “

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