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  1. I am very disappointed with your Command Strips. I used one to hang my Christmas wreath. I followed your instructions ,but the wreath did not stay up.

  2. ‘888 phone number rated very poorly on web. after trying to get information on your product for many I was totally

    frustrated with no information on a type called of glue in a tube called 3m super strength adhesive.

  3. I have been a participant in the companies “Discover 3M” program. I hadn’t heard from the program since the summer. I emailed, phoned, and got no response to the emails, the person on the phone did not know anything about the program, but promised to call me back later that day or the next……….never heard from him at all!

  4. Horrible customer service. They don’t know how to talk to people or how to fix their own problems. And it took me 9 calls and 5 tries with the online chat before I could even get a hold of anyone. They still never fixed the issue, so I am sending the broken thermostat back to them. I don’t need that POS cluttering up my trash can.

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