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A & E Cable Network. Popular Television shows include, Duck Dynasty, Storage Wars, Rodeo Girls, Shipping Wars, and Think Tank.

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  1. I am absolutely sick of the Duck Dynasty personalities and harmful statements that are consistently made towards people/families/religion etc. I’m requesting that they be removed from your show that my kids (Christians) watch. I will organize an petition to get them removed asap. Furthermore, I will not view your channel until demands of removing them are met. In closing, your channel use to be educational, catered to family and pleasant to watch…..not anymore!

  2. ‘I totally agree. Keep Criminal Minds and lose CSI Miami. I could not stand CSI Miami when it was new programming on CBS and totally abhor it being shown as reruns on A&E. Why would you increase the number of CSI Miami episodes which is going to shrink your viewing audience and shrink how much advertising you sell?

  3. ‘I just called your “customer service number” to speak with a representative. No surprise – a human being wasn’t available. For what it’s worth, Viceland is a poor excuse for a t.v. channel. Why it replaced H2 is beyond me. Also, why should consumers have to pay to watch past episodes of shows? Lastly, I would like to comment on Silver America’s email regarding “Generation KKK”. Why on earth should A&E not air this particular show? You may not like this particular program, but it’s a bit narrow-minded to think that social media would be influenced to the degree you suggest. It could also act as a deterrent. You could express those same concerns about many of the programs being shown on t.v. today. Simply change the channel. That’s just my humble opinion.

  4. ‘The program by Leah Remini is truly eye-opening and amazing. I have a newspaper article I would love to send her. It’s about a lawsuit by former employees who were forced to study Scientology on their jobs. How can I get the article to Ms. Remini?

  5. You know, when I brought up the A & E website, the first thing I see is “Be Original”…what it SHOULD say is “Be Original, just don’t tell anyone your beliefs”. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that Uncle Phil is being punished for his Christianity. YOU, A & E Network, are the ones discriminating against a group here!!! This is one of the few family friendly shows that people can sit and watch nowadays with their children that actually gives us an hour of safe viewing. You are taking away family values by blocking the prayers, and now removing the patriarch of this family that has generated untold amounts of money for your network. You’re removing the one good, dirt free program from so many households that have welcomed the Robertson family into their homes every Wednesday night for so long. You are wrong, so wrong for violating this man’s freedom of speech and right to religious freedom. I will no longer be watching A & E network, purchasing ANYTHING with your name on it because, if you’re so offended by someone with values and morals, you definitely don’t WANT me as a part of your viewing audience, as I have the same ones as Phil Robertson.

  6. How come The Glades was cancelled and the storyline never wrapped up? This is really a let down to the fans. You really should do a show to tie up loose ends. Totally sucks

  7. I have not watched this network since September 2013. My reason is pretty simple. You canceled the Glades. I faithfully watched this non-reality show for all four seasons. The Glades ended it’s fourth season with a cliffhanger. A big one. Then by some whim it was canceled. Leaving those of us who watched it with nothing and no closure. The viewers of Glades deserve better than this. A&E does not care about what the viewing audience thinks. Please allow another network to have it if you won’t. I will never trust this network again and will continue not to watch it. I might reconsider if things are made right with the Glades.

  8. I have been a Duck Dynasty supporter from the start. The episodes before the group went to Hawaii were great, but the following episodes are so bad that I turn the channel. This last

    week with Si’s tangent was the worst. It seems like mountain man is doing the writing for the program. I think if nothing changes, I will find a new favorite show. It is no wonder why the program is losing viewers, I smell a ratings goose egg coming.


  9. what ever happened to the arts in arts and entertainment. the shows you are putting on are about red necks and fanatics. you were a much classier network now you have shows like duck dynasty, dog the bounty hunter and American hoggers. I think you need to change your network name how about redneck fools network.

  10. you are becomminng the worst company in the entire world with shows like Duck Dynasty

    and American Hoggers which promote vulgar insensitive cruel and and downright CRAZY or rather INDSANE people with the most indifferent attitudes towards animalas and nature and the most basic human rights of living creatures.LIKE the producers of gross horror movies YOU at A&E are appealing to a sordid and criminaly inclined minority for the sake of profits WITHOUT any regard to the rest of us nor to the betterment of people.

    APPARENTLY the only thing you care about is money, never mind the absolute immorality of such shows, from every point of view. EVERYBDY knows tthat there always will be hunters

    but most hunters do not brag about their vile passions for killing defenseless creatures and sooner or later they realize how wrong they are. BUT with supporters like you nobody can ever come near sanity or get a chance to redeem their normalcy and return to the human race. YOU are promoting and encouraging hate and ignorance.BUT guess what YOU still

    are and always will be the pathetic minority. Watching filthy gyus who ALL look loke Charles Menson twins is not exactly pleasing nor comfortable.


    MY ration for you is ZERO.

  11. I think a&e was wrong to bring phil back and only did so for the money. a man who is anti LQBQ who directs men to go after 15 y/o girls and whos view of femals as gold diggers who should stay home and cook and clean is not good for anyone. to top it all off they want to sell guns. nice. every program sooner or later ends and maybe a&e will care how they are viewed by the public then. I for one will not support this network. we as a family will be looking fot a tv package that does not include a&e.

  12. Well let me just say that the Duck Dynasty situation has made us all aware and maybe less tolerable of those things stated on television and around us. Just remember that if you are going to allow LQBQ and girl who likes girls shows to be shoved down our throats on networks then I guess it should only be fair and fitting that the same works for all groups and interests including Christians. And another thing that really made me upset today is that Rodeo Girls came on and we weren’t paying attention until I as a mother had my ears pricked by a woman on the show talking about another woman getting laid!!! I have parental restrictions set to allow only PG shows without my password. Are you out of your mind that my 8 year old daughter should be exposed to that language?? That just shows how our society has become so accepting of such filth and sexual immorality. And we wonder why so many teens are ending up pregnant and children being raised with only one parent because society says sex sells regardless of the cost. Pathetic!!

  13. We will no longer be watching A&E because of duck dynasty.

    they apparently think biased, bigoted people are OK. Not in this household.

  14. I will never watch A & E until you remove Phill Robertson a racistm, and bigot representing your company. I cant believe your brand would allow such hatred and racism today 2014…

  15. I will not be watching your network and will be calling all your advertisers to register my displeasure. Phil has the right to say whatever he wants to,he doesn’t have the right to get paid to be on a tv show. Shame on you A$E

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