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A & E Cable Network. Popular Television shows include, Duck Dynasty, Storage Wars, Rodeo Girls, Shipping Wars, and Think Tank.

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  1. Nancy dubuc I’m extremely disappointed in your decision to ax Phil if you like the LQBQ and girl who likes girls society so much go join them and leave good god fearing Christians alone I own all dd seasons on DVD and will purchase the rest as they are released but refuse to ever turn my tv to a&e or any channel affiliated with a&e or Hearst furthermore I will be researching a&e ‘s sponsors and I will not purchase anything from anyone affiliated with a&e or Hearst in closing shame on you nancy dubuc

  2. Phil only read out of the Book. The word Book was the Bible. The book has been the word of God, for Thousands of years. So why has it changed? All Phil did was read the history book. Have you read the book? I challenge you to see what it says. You may be enlightened.

  3. My family will not be watching A&E or purchasing any of their sponsors products. We have started emailing and calling all of your sponsors to notify them. I advise all of you to do the same. Without sponsors these idiots don’t have a job to make decisions attempting to deprive a person their freedom of speech. This was a joke of a decision and Phil coming back isn’t all that is needed. The idiots behind this decision need to be fired. You do not deserve to have a job. Leave our Country and move to a place where people have no rights or freedom of speech.

  4. All this served to do is make people aware of the progressive left’s mainstream media’s agenda. It is a total foul play.

  5. This old veteran wore a uniform in support of a Nation of free people with a Constitution and a Bill Of Rights, one of which guaranteed the right to free speech. I would hope the silent majority in America would show one act of solidarity by switching off the A&E channel and it’s associated family of channels until after the Christmas season and New Year’s Day holidays have passed. Phil spoke about Christian beliefs. Let’s respect his belief and his right to practice his Christian faith as we respect the rights of others to believe differently. We can’t have free speech and freedom of religion if we remain silent and allow 2% of the population to voice an opinion for 300 million. Let the tv rest for a while and read a book. Phil could recommend a good one to start with.

  6. This country was founded and based on Christian beliefs. Our fore fathers would roll over in their graves if they knew what folks like you and your kind are doing to this country. I am currently trying to get a&be removed from my satellite provider as well as ALL of your subsidies. I will no longer be a supporter of your companies. I sincerely hope you have enough of your SINFULL cohorts to keep your company afloat as I WILL NOT be one of them. I am also sending this page to as many people that is can to inform you of our intentions

  7. I hope Phil and company leave the A&e network for good!!!!!! We will never watch any of your programing again or buy any of your products. Gifts from A&E we purchased for Xmas have been returned. Merry Christmas….not politcally incorrect happy holidays.

  8. If Duck Dynasty is not removed from your tv schedule, I will no longer watch any A&E shows.

    It is in poor taste to support anyone who steps over the line with their horrible comments. It’s bad enough that they kill innocent ducks.

    I will also encourage other people to not watch A&E

  9. You all need to put Phil back on Duck Dynasty! What has happened to freedom of speech in our country? Straight or LQBQ everybody should have freedom of speech. And by the way PHIL is right! Why don’t you all have the guts to read what the Bible says about LGBQ and do it on air!

  10. I wil not watch any program on a&e again unless your company apologies to phill publicly. I will not be buying any General Electric products either since they own you network.

  11. What happened to freedom of speech? He expressed his views as a Christian. Shame on you for caving in to the liberal Hollywood media and their agenda. This country is becoming more and more morally corrupt and it’s being rammed down our throats daily.

  12. Your moronic decision to fire Phil for his beliefs on lgqbtity, just crapes me off! who the hell are you to decide what a person has the right or not the right to believe??? since when did you become the conscious for the human race? you need to rethink just who the hell you are because you work for us! we don’t work for you! with out us, the American public you don’t have a network, keep that in mind you self righteous MORON.

  13. I wont be watching your channel anymore at all. I am not buying glade products again and

    thank god we have Duck Dynasty who Fox is now picking up after the boys leave you..Inside info. You lost picking that battle, your staff never caught that, they are not bright.

  14. A&E has made a very big and costly mistake. Phil hasn’t said anything that isn’t true. I hope the show moves to another network where they can continue doing what they do.

  15. This country was founded on freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Phil on the show Duck Dynasty was expressing his belief. This has been a show that families can watch together without the bad language and inappropriate behavior that children should not watch. Many shows now are just not godd for children to watch. For A& E to ban Phil from the show is simply not right. He has a right to express his belief as we all do. I will not watch any of A & E’S shows if you continue to ban Phil from the show. A & E needs to do the right thing and allow the Duck Dynasty with Phil to continue.

  16. As far as I see it your trying to strip away our freedom of speech. I will not ever watch your channels and asking my cable company to remove you from my line up. All my friend are going to do the same thing. Its company’s like you that are sending the usa down the tube.





  18. Thank you A&E for removing this negative person from the air! I watched the show one time to see what the “buzz” was about. Would certainly never watch again. This country does not need such a hateful, narrow-minded person spewing his offensive, ignorant ideas about. I am appalled that so many find this entertainment!

  19. Your stance on this issue with DD should be your call…and you have to live by it. But from a purely financial issue, boy did you screw-up! Whoever approved of this should be fired and walked out the building immediately….and not some low-level producer. When you have a golden goose in the palm of your bank account, don’t s*** in your mess-kit!

    Geeze guys, what were you thinking? So what do you do now? Well, bring the family in and figure this out…call a public truce, let time pass, apologize if necessary and do the right thing. People will love you for it!! Get your golden goose back!

    Oh, and don’t do it again!

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