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A & E Cable Network. Popular Television shows include, Duck Dynasty, Storage Wars, Rodeo Girls, Shipping Wars, and Think Tank.

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  1. I have watched Storage Wars, a few others, and my all time favorite show, Longmire, but unfortunately I will no longer be watching ANY of your shows! I am sickened that you would run a nasty show such as Duck NASTY. What in the world is wrong with you and your sponsors that you would keep this show on the air and especially Phil “Pat” Robertson? I hope that they are “shot out of the airwaves” and the sooner the better. I never did like the show – thought that it was stupid but now I am embarrassed for the network, sponsors, and anyone who watches it. What is this teaching our youth of today? I can tell you that being the mom of a LQBQ child, and the grandmother of a black grandchild – I am NOT happy at all. I wonder what Nelson Mandela would think of this crap if he were still alive? And, Martin Luther King? All of the black activists, the LBGT, the ACLU? I am appalled and I am ashamed of your network. Totally. Are you owned by FOX? A former viewer. I am hoping to have the A&E network removed from my cable package. I have also obtained the list of all your sponsors and their phone numbers. It will probably be futile but I am phoning every one of them tomorrow.

  2. Cowards! You had it right to start with, then you caved. Just because someone claims to be a Christian does not protect him from being called out as a bigot and a racist. He said all kinds of stuff, now he owns it. And now A & E owns it, too. Shame on all of you.

  3. Time for the C.E.O. To go. I’ll bet she is a protected class so can’t touch her. Bad management requires swift action, dump the dumb ass at the top. I don’t care if she is a she or a he. Stupid decisions. Spineless decisions. Maybe a man part is required, then there are two brains involved. The top dog is an idiot.

  4. I will not be watching your channel any longer.

    Public Service Announcements do not equal what you do.

    You are what you broadcast.


    I’m sure that you could find other hillbillies to make a reality show for you.

  5. I just heard that you are now going to let Phil back on Duck Dynasty. I for one will not watch A&E ever again. You apparently are all about money only. Phil and family need to move to a network that cares about free speech! Shame on A&E!

  6. He has his priorities straight. God first. Our country is on a rapid decline because we are taking God out of our lives.If you truly want peace and prosperity and morals seek God ,who truly delivers.

  7. I am concerned abou the future of our country and the path we are being taken down. Our freedom of speech is being infringed on, but that appears to be one sided. The lgqbt coummity uses our God giving rights and does so with no objections from the media. Phil spoke the truth and all people should have that right.

  8. I won’t be watching A&E anymore. I am deeply offended that this network has reversed it’s decision about Mr. Robertson. Shame on all of you for ignoring hate speech.

  9. I will no longer watch your network. I usually watch your home flipping shows on Saturdays. However, I am extremely disappointed in your decision to allow an ignorant racist to remain on your network. My grandparents and parents were not happier during Jim Crow. It’s revisionist history from racists. They were terrorized daily, denied basic human rights and dignities, and were not allowed to participate in the electoral process until the 1960s — after brave people of every race fought for these rights. I doubt that my ancestors liked paying taxes while being denied the right to attend state funded colleges or universities. Although the reality star hid behind his religion to disparage LQBQ and girl who likes girlss, he has no such justification for his racist and ignorant views. Shame on A&E.

  10. You can run an all day Duck Dynasty with Phil in it on Christmas Day for profit, but you disrespect the star. Your true colors are showing.

  11. So now Jesse Jackson shows he can’t imagine a southern white man in the 60’s that wasn’t a KKK bigot. A&E, don’t be sucked in by this money-grubbing scandal monger. As always, he just wants to line his pockets under the banner of black outrage. He hasn’t done anything to advance the welfare of African-Americans in 20 years. Day late, and still irrelevant. Don’t even meet with him. Don’t be his next victim.

  12. Freedom of speech and thought trumps political correctness in the USA. Freedom allows for the expression of ideas many do not agree with. The right of expression no matter how offensive must not be infringed! If someone is offended they have the same right to express that point of view. Americans know and understand that without the right of freedom of expression there is no freedom. Political correctness has no place in a free society. Political correctness is not even American. Real Americans are not politically correct and should never be. Liberty is everything! It is great that not everyone has been indoctrinated by those who wish darkness and suppression of real diverse thought and ideas. Political correctness is George Orwell’s 1984 “Thought Speech” which is to be resisted by all freedom loving people. Let freedom reign!

  13. Dear A&E

    Phil has a right to express his religious views. He did not say that he hates lgqbt people. He said that the act of lgqbtity is considered a sin, and unless lgqbt people repent and ask Jesus for forgiveness of their sins they will not inherit the kingdom of God. Practicing LGBQ are just like rest of us who have sinned. All sin separates us from God because He is holy. Sinners liars, thieves, adulterers, fornicators, gossipers, people with sinful thoughts, ETC, which by the way includes every single one of us. The Bible says all of us have sinned and come short of the glory of God, and we all need His forgiveness. We have the right to express our religious views in this country, that is not a hate crime. Why do some LGBQ want to limit our freedom of speech? Is it only socially correct now to repress people who due to their religious beliefs, or just because they find lgqbtity unnatural? What about the freedom of all people to express their views. If lgqbt proponents have the right to further the agenda of their sexuality, others should be able to disagree or to agree without persecution. A&E do not substitute one type of persecution for another. Practicing LGBQ are deeply loved by God, and we should love them too even if we do not agree with their behavior. We must love the sinner and hate the sin. Just like alcoholism, some people are born with a certain predisposition for a particular kind of behavior. That does not excuse the practice of that behavior but someone personhood is not to be questioned because we all deserved to be loved and respected. Let us agree to disagree, continue the dialogue, and let us express ourselves with love and respect the dignity of everyone. A&E LET FREEDOM RING

  14. I and hopefully millions of your viewers will boycott all your stations due to your incredibly stupid moves to censor Phil. You knew Phil was a Christian when you signed him up! Now you”re trying to say he is wrong for speaking the truth on his beliefs. Shame on all you Corporate phonies! A&E will go down in the record books with this stupid move.

  15. Rev. Jesse Jackson wanting to meet with A@E is another “Shakedown” attempt by someone who has NO interest except his own agenda. He really can keep his mouth shut when it’s his kid stealing and lying and hiding but is all offended cannot by a person giving his opinion. Jackson IS a reason why minorities have a difficult time advancing in todays society. Good luck A&E meeting with him! If the members of Duck Dynasty leave your network, possibly you can have Mr. Jackson do a reality show…along with Mr. Truthful another Rev. – Al Sharpton.

  16. Phil had the right to say what he said. Unfortunately we are in a time when Christianity is politically incorrect and is being attacked at every turn. Hopefully Duck Dynasty will move to another venue that is not afraid to stand up for free speech and Christianity.

  17. Right on Ken. Funny how they have advertisers on this page that I am writing on that is a LQBQ dating site. I am dumping A&E. They are part of the big ONE WORLD AGENDA. They are trying to stomp out Freedom of speech. Don’t be afraid. They want you to be scared to speak out. We will not stand for not speaking out minds. Like the Bible says Sin is Sin. I have the right to express how I feel and so do all other Americans.

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