AA Advantage American Airlines


AA Advantage is American Airlines Frequent Flier Rewards Program. You earn travel points to receive discounted air travel and merchandise.

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  1. ‘Its worst experience of my life having ,Booking tickets with your mileage talked with supervisor Adree ,carman

    every body is trying to make me fool ,1st day on 26 April they said my ticket is confirmed with my miles ,and i still have 600 miles left ,2nd day when i called why i dont get email they told me it will be couple of days,

    i called on 30 April to check know they are telling my tickets are not confirm,

    And the attitude of Adree their supervisor was very very rude.

    pls help me if any body read this .

    1. get disconnected for “high call volume” after automatron can’t get account number right after 3 tries after 4 calls. switching credit cards and more!

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