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  1. Last Friday, we had a flat tire. We called AAA and they said we had exhausted our rights but referred us to a tow truck driver. He would not come out unless he was paid up front. We are cancelling our Road Side insurance with AAA and transferring to AMAC which I recommend to everyone.

  2. I tried to use AAA at my work. I am at a call center and needed a bit of time to get outside to let the tow driver in to get to my vehicle which broke down at work. I understand that the driver could not wait on me to get outside right away to let them in. I received a phone call but no message, and I finally got out to call back. I do understand the process. I was transferred back to roadside assistance to get the status of the driver. I was greeted by EBONY who informed me that ” I should wait until I get off work to call back, that I should know better than to have a driver wait on me when I work at a call center and know I can’t get off the phone right away.”…… Thus, when I get off work is when the shop closes. NOW I have to find a ride home and a ride on my day off back to work and try this process again. I cannot leave my vehicle at a shop outside the door with the keys in it. I would have tried to explain that to “EBONY”, but I am sure she would have told me the right way to do that as well.

  3. “I want to opt out of all marketing materials sent to my home from AAA or AAA affiliates.

    If this email will not accomplish my request please advise me how to accomplish opting out of all marketing materials

    mailed to my home.”

  4. My husband became ill while we were in AZ and the AAA representative named Mary was a Godsend. While she had me on hold, she contacted our resort and various Hertz rental agencies to see what had to be done to add me as a second driver. She gave me all of the pertinent information including directions to the nearest office and answered all of my questions calmly (because I wasn’t) and put me at ease. She, I believe, is in the Scottsdale office. I hope she receives a note of thanks from the company for representing AAA so well.

  5. Aaa has one of the worse customer service as a buisness in my opinion. They also dnt send out your membership card unless you constantly call them. The price of service is overall good but i rather pay a little more and go somewhere else rather then deal with the service reps rudeness and hanging up on you. They are not very customer appreciative. I only used there service once the 2 years i had them and when i did use it i had to wait 3 hours in a snow storm with my elderly mother in law who is on oxygen. If your shopping around i recommend not to go with AAA.

  6. I have been a customer of AAA for 12 years. Today I have spent hours trying to download the mobile app. I cant remember what username was used when we opened the acct.I am still getting we have sent your username to your email and it has never shown up. Started around 5:00 Am it is now 3:00 Pm and I am about ready to cut up my membership card and call it quits.This is very poor customer service.

  7. Thank you AAA customer/emergency services and the New Beverly Auto Clinic in Beverly MA for their quick & courteous services provided me in near zero and windy weather with a new AAA battery. In minutes they had me up and running. thanks again folks Happy New Year

  8. I am writing to let you know I am very up with your serivce on 12/31/2012. I call to have my car tow to a garage to have it fix. I had my sister call she was hang up on twice. And than want I call I was ask all kinds of question and why I would not drive the car myself. The person on the phone was not nice and want the tow truck came he come to the first and ask if this was the car.I said no this is a red car not grey like I told the lady and that it was in the back. So he want to the back and did not even put his truck in place for the towing. He said he would have to call AAA to see i it can be tow becasue the inspected was old. And than came to said no it will have to be a cash tow I told him it was 3 miles from my house. He give me a price of $65.00 may it sound like he was giving me a deal. I have been a customer of AAA for a long time for about 6 yrs. I think you need to have a talk with your customer serivce and tow people you deal with. I never had a problem with people in your office with is the Reading office they are very nice. But who the person working on the phone on 12/31/2012 need to know how to act. If they do not want to work than they need to quit becasue some people need to work on holiday. They are people who will work because they need the money I guess these people do not have too.

  9. Your loooong time customer service representative FRANK maybe loosing the basic principles of customer service practice here in Oakland AAA office. Initially the representative who gave me a quote for a different vehicle understood that I was not interested in her or AAA’s quote and that I have moved forward with other company who gave me not only a better deal but coverage and exceptional customer service.

    I don’t how this FRANK guy decided to call me after 4 month (does he really thinks I am not covered till now…DUHH) and start harassing me with his cold calls, and when I explained that I am not interested and reminded him not to call me from this day on….he just hang up, well…I was not done Frank. And so I called back to explain again why he should not call me ever again, he just doesn’t get it …he keeps telling me bla bla bla…..hangs up again. So unprofessional, disgusting tone of voice not to mention no clue about what customer service meant in general. I never asked you or AAA to call, mail, e-mail or contact me for that matter. You need to retake the basic trainings to you in all forms available. At this time, your supervisors should re-think your decades of experience might need something that is more than a training . FRANK, respect and practice the basic principles of customer service at all times with anyone especially when you decide to make that call. Get it ????

  10. i havebeen a AAA custmer for all most 3 years, And ive used the road side services $ time and had no problem wih AAA, when they can out to give me a new battery they were friendly and quick. When hey came out to unlock my car they were friendly and when i had a flat they came out with no problem and fixed the problem ad was friendly. I love AAA and too bad for those who had problems. I just think people being cheap and do not wot to pay the price to be a memember. So shut up to those who are talking about AAA they rock ad you suck D*CK. jerkes heck OFF!

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