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  1. been a member for 28 years. both home owners and multiple cars. I’ve been found of all my interactions over the years. Today I had the rudest tech install a battery under warranty. At first, I was willing to cut him some slack, 3:00 in the afternoon almost 90 degrees outside. But I worked (recently) in retail for 10 years and in a tire center for 4 of those at a big box warehouse store. We weren’t allowed to be rude, disagreeable or flippant. And that is what I got today! Testing a battery that by the sticker date was clearly out of the 100% warranty, then lecturing me in front of my son on what the sticker date represented: “installment date” he gruffed. Then he proceed to install a battery with last month’s date. When I pointed out the date was already a month behind, then came the lecture on how “we go by the installment date on the invoice and without that we go by the sticker date. So I said, “when this comes up the next time am I not allowed to discuss this with the tech?” His reply “Are we done here?” Oh yeah. We’re done!

  2. I have been told that their is a test for Seniors that can reduce Insurance, is that so and where can one take it and how much could that reduce Auto Insurance Rates?

  3. Why pay bill on aaa auto is very difficult . I am trying to pay my bill but I can’t . Also I can’t find way to pay by automatic Phone

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