AAMCO is known for transmissions. Now they take that expertise to Total Car Care, with Brakes, Tune-ups, Oil Changes, and Exhaust Services.

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  1. My name is Eddie I took my 94 ford tarus to aamco for a seal job the manager Chris told me that the job would be 669.00 and I told him to go ahead and do the job two days later i called and he told me my car would be ready by 2:00 when I went to go pick up my car he told that he was test driving the car and was bringing it around to me I paid the lady in the office susan the money 669.00 cash and waited on my car. After 45 minutes susan called me into the office and said there was a problem and it would be a little while longer I told her that I had to go to work she said no problem that they could leave the car out front and that she would call me at work to let me know where i would find the keys. Well at 4:45 pm I called them because no one had called me Susan told me that my car would not be ready until monday but I had already paid for the car like I had gotten it fully repaired now with no way to work my job in the balance Monday came still i cant get the car that they have the money for which is illegal in the state of Georgia to take payment for repairs on a car before the car is repaired what do I do????

  2. DO NOT GO THERE!!! Believe the ratings and comments! They are Horrible!! Was suppose to have my car for only 4 days. That 4 days turned into a month! They damaged my car (hit something) and didn’t even bother to tell me until I said something about it. They told me that they would p[ay for my rental which added up to over a THOUSAND dollars! but did not!! They sent me to a shop on South Choctaw to get my body work done and the owner was extremely rude and disrespectful! He claimed that I was rushing him to finish my car just like the man at Aamco said that I was rushing him. I was told that the body work shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours but its been days and I still haven’t received my car. I Wish I would have listened to the reviews about how horrible they are!!! I’m currently planning on contacting their headquarters to receive the money and other things that were promised to me such as putting another piece onto my car for free because of the hassle, if I fail to receive what was promised to me I will SUE THEM!

  3. ‘2-20-16

    I changed my truck transmission filter & fluids today; I found a piece of metal at the bottom of the transmission oil pan. Im not sure what it is.


    I took the truck to AAMCO and showed David the metal piece that I found in the transmission oil pan. David told me that it is a part of an overdrive snap ring & that he will repair & replace internal parts for $1200.00.


    I dropped my truck off at Aamco at 8 am to get my transmission worked on. I then went to Enterprise and rented a truck.


    I returned the rental truck & picked up my truck at Aamco. It cost me 2,516 in repairs.


    I backed my truck out of the driveway and noticed a large oil spot on the driveway. I got out and seen it was a reddish color, I took a picture of it. It was transmission fluid. I took my truck back to Aamco and showed David the picture of the spot. David told me to come back on Monday because the shop was only open till 12pm (Half Day On Saturday). I started to complain about driving all that way and then he asked one of his employees to get under the truck and tighten the transmission pan bolts. David told me to come back Monday if it starts leaking again.


    My truck is still leaking trans fluid. I took it back to Aamco to get it fixed (3rd Time).


    I picked up my truck again.


    There is more trans fluid on the driveway this morning. THE LEAK WAS NOT FIXED!!!

    I am so sick and tired of this company!!!!!

    I need to take it back for the 4th time!

  4. I took my car, Chevy trailblazer to Aamco in the Bronx, NY on 11/18/13 to have my transmission examined. The manager Jesus told me it’ll be $81 to look at it & $1,800 to fix it. On the 19th he called me back saying the transmission is in bad condition & would cause $3,081 total to fix. I thought that was very high but didn’t want to get a tow truck to take it somewhere else, I told them to fix it. I picked the car up on the 11/25/13. I drove it home with no problem. The next time I drove it was 11/30/13 to work. After work, I started the car but the gear was stuck in park. After trying everything I could & double checking everything with nothing working. I went to get something to eat, came back 1hr later & finally it shift out of park.

    That same night, I tried to drive the car again & again it was frozen in park. The same trick of shutting the car off & waiting didn’t work this time. Not even the next day when I tried to start it again. I called AAmco, they sent two guys to look at it on 12/2/13, two days later. They claimed it might have something to do with the brake fuse. They took if to the shop, the manager Jesus called to let me know it was the brake fuse & it’d cause an additional $102 to fix. I was very upset & argued that I’ve had the car for over 10 yrs & that never happened before. He swore it wasn’t related to the transmission or any of the work done in repairing it. I didn’t believe him but I paid anyway, hoping that’d be the end of my problems. Especially after her swore it wouldn’t get stuck again. That was yesterday, I’m sitting in my car now unable to move because it’s stuck in park again

    I’ve had this car since 2002, it has 80,800 miles, it’s not exactly a new car that I don’t know how to work.

    I wish I had read the reviews on Aamco, if never had went to them. If your car needs any type of service or repair, take it anywhere but Aamco.

  5. 2006 CROWN VIC

    3 3 Visits to Aamco, had trans rebuilt with heavy duty clutch’s, a short time and trans went bad, now it’s chugging only in overdrive.. this is the 4th time it’s going back.

    i wouldn’t reccomend Aamco to my worst enemy.

    it’s not the $ because i have a lifetime warranty, it being without my vehicle, and they take their time doing 2nd or 3rd repairs, not at highest priority.

    you been warned about all AAMCO’S

  6. Screw Aamco!!! I thought you guys were experts. What a joke! Two weeks sounds like the standard delay BS. People get fed up and give up!!!

  7. I had my 05 ford expedition transmission rebuilt I have taken it back 4 times for the same problem the last time when I got it after a week and half they said it was low on fluid when I ask why they said they could find a leak but it’s still getting stuck between 2 and 3 and is getting worse I am sure what else to do I can’t go with out a car for another week an a half only get it back and nothing really done

  8. I took my 2002 Ford Explorer to AAMCO in April 27, 2012. They had it for a month and a half and claimed it was a Solenoid Block. They claimed they put it in, but I know they didnt because they didnt even test drive the truck. Terry the manager at the Winchester, VA location told me to drive it to see if there is a difference. I asked him why didnt the mechanic drive it to see whats wrong also he put new brake pads and rotors on truck, but when I tried to stop, the truck failed to stop and this is from not bleeding the brakes properly. I am currently seeking counsel and all those who have had bad experiencs with AAMCO we should all bring lawsuits against them.

  9. aamco in burton i wood not have any body go there they were suppose to rebuild my trans i took it back about 7 times and they say nothing is wrong with it and one time they even told me not to use the cruse control and i went to go back agian and they had colsed down and the closes palce to go then was about a 55 min. drive one way and i had to get someone to follow me to drop it off sorry to say i could not make it there do to wroking 7 days aweek at that time so now to say it just sets outback.

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