AARP Hartford


Auto, RV & Antique/Classic Car: 1-800-423-6789
Homeowners, Condo & Renters: 1-800-423-0567
ATV, Golf Cart, Snowmobile, Boat & Personal Watercraft: 1-800-555-2510
Policyholder Login and Registration Assistance: 1-877-633-6544
TDD: 1-800-553-6148

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5 Replies to “AARP Hartford”

  1. It would be helpful if your phone message said WHAT business hours you keep! That way your customers would know WHEN to call back. Am I supposed to guess?

  2. Frankly, I would give the company 0 stars for customer service. I have been on the telephone all day into the

    evening (now 9:30 p.m.) trying to get SERVICE!! My question would take about 5 minutes to answer–that is if anyone would ever answer the call. You either do not have enough personnel to handle these calls–or you have turned off your phones. Whatever, it is rude to customers to be treated this way. I really need to have a question answered.

  3. I can’t believe it is so hard to get a hold of someone , I keep getting put on hold then when I do get someone they put me on hold again !!

  4. I would appreciate someone contacting me ref. my aarp renewal of membership. As soon as possible please,

    thank you Sal Daria

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