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  1. I signed up for United Health Care Options. When I in rolled to have my payments deducted from my account. I specified very clearly to deduct payment at the end of each month. Instead, they deducted in middle of month. I wasted years worth of monthly payments for nothing. Thanks for nothing United Health Care

  2. We are just becoming members with AARP United Healthcare, & we are asking your insurance to review B/C B/S’s online site & set United Healthcare online also, this would show members how their claims are paid, what doctors participate & hospitals. Answers all your questions, this way members are not frustrated with your customer service phone problems. Please get a web site online to help your membership. It will save problems & improve feelings of your members. Thank you

  3. I am a AARP Healthcare Options member # 555555555. I am considering buying hearing aids and would like to know what benefits (if any) are offered under this plan for such a purchase.

  4. I have had this isurance for 7 years and never had a claim untill now.My husbund had a heart attach on March 19 2012 this year. I have summeted a claim and they do not want to pay anything. Is this the way AARP treats their customers.The claim is United Health care options with AARP. I am thanking very sercerly about contacting a attorney for help. I have had thi plan sents Jan. 1 2005. My membership # is -1. We also have Aflac Insurance and they have allready paid us we have bill over 500,000. that needs to be paid from the hospital.So we need our money now. Thank you so much. PS If I have to I will Call te news and talked to them.Jim Strickland with chanel 2 news. Sencerly

  5. I have had AARP Medicare/Health Care Options for at least 6 years, and have never had a problem with them. They paid nearly $100,000 for my cancer treatment and never a squeak from them. My only complaint is that the doctor’s/hospital’s bills said, “We do not bill (your supplemental insurance”.) I was told I had to send in a claim. I did this a couple of times but then quit, and I have only once been billed for a non-covered treatment, and that was just a few days ago. Recently I fell and broke my back. The surgery I required and the hospital stay was over $10,000. and I fully expect they will pay all of it with no problem. I’m sticking with them.

  6. Please tell me how to get a free Silver sneaker Membership card? I am a member of AARP Heallth Care Options for nearly 20 years.

  7. 12/29/11 AARP health care options gives you a big run around and does not tell you

    what is covered or how to collect. It is not true that you just send in your hospital

    bill and you will be paid. When you are collecting for you stay in the hospital it goes by how many nights you stay. Not days. If you need to collect on a procedure it does not

    tell you all the hoops you must jump thru. I agree completely with ChefPolo, all you get is people who half the time do not know what they are talking about. You can not speak with a person in charge. You never receive ne books to tell you what all is covered. So you never know what claims you are missing out on! Ready to drop them. Roger

  8. Have been trying four four days straight to pay my bill by phone. It came too late to make it back through the mail and United’s super slow processing to be on time. It was dated the 8th, not mailed til the 15th, delivered the 22nd, due by the 1st. Previous payments took 2 weeks from mailing to be processed. Automated phone system is broken, takes me to “representative” no matter what command I say or key in, then never answers. Have spent over 2 hours total on hold. Last time I got a live person, she couldn’t tell me the amount due or accept a payment. Switched me to more endless hold never answered. Company has doubled my payment without warning after the end of yearly switch period was over (Dec 8th ). Also has made it nearly impossible to get Ventolin HFA inhaler, which I have to have because I need a counter on my inhaler. Shame!

  9. My mom has had her plan L for many years. She is now 94 years old and suffering with the later stages of Alzheimers disease. We are now privately paying for home care. My question is, is she entitled to any type or amount of homecare/nursing care under this plan? She has been paying this large premium every month for 20 plus years and has really never used any of its benefits, her medicare covering all her normal health needs.

    Except for hospital stay Iam not sure why we have this plan at all!!

    People on Medicaid who have contributed nothing to anything, are receiving everything, while my mom who has been contributing to everything is getting NOTHING. Using her lifetime savings for limited homecare ….can someone please help here!!!

    A daughter, sad for her mom.

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