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  1. my granddaughter is to old for this program now she had it when she was 2 or 3 and it was a big help now it’s just boring to her so I need to cancel. thank you peggy

  2. I am so upset with this scam!! I signed up for a free trial and $19.99 was taken from my account that same day! My daughter did not like the program at all. I looked up a phone number to call the company and it took me a whole day to find a number!! Then when i called the number, there were no options!! I heard a message saying it would be better if i email abc mouse and a representative will get back in touch with me. Someone finally called me back a few days later. My account was cancelled but my money was never put back into my account. I paid $19.99 for 3 days!! I think this is one of the biggest scams out!! You sign up for a free 30 trial and they take the money right away. I did not like it at all. I am not going to let this situation go!!!

  3. Just as the customers above that can’t talk to a real person to cancel this gimmick that advertises one thing and does something else. I wrote here yesterday requesting that I be canceled from this membership due you charging me more than I was told when I first joined. Please cancel my membership and credit my $19.95 back to my account. This charge caused my bank account to be overdrafted which made me very upset. What upsets met also is that the advertisement said “Free 30 Day Trial” and it hasn’t even been 30 days and then after the 30 days ended I would just be charged $7.95 a month, where you got the $19.95 from I don’t know. In any case I just want this gimmick terminated as soon as possible or I will be calling the Better Business Bureau.

    P.S. This is not a comment, this is complaint, please cancel.

  4. to whom it may concern,

    Please make this my notice to cancel this subcription. I subcribed for my little grand-daughter because I thought it was a good deal, one month free and if I wanted to keep it I would be charged only $7.95, but my account was billed for $19.95 which was false ad-vertizement, therefore I which to cancel as soon as possible. And please do not tell me that my e-mail address does not exist, because it does. Thank you, Mrs. Serna.

  5. Yeah Im Super Angry right now. They deducted more than they were supposed to from a small paypal acct immediately- NO TRIAL as stated! Im getting slammed with bank NSF fees. What a huge Rip off

  6. In Feb 2013 I paid for a full year with our income tax. We tried to log in today and im asked for my credit card info. We cannot get in at all.

  7. ABC mouse charged me $99 without my consent and now will not give me back my money they are thieves. don’t use this company and don’t trust them!

  8. I too had an issue regarding a charge that should have been reversed upon canceling my ABCmouse subscription. With the “money back guarantee” (not available for all account holders), I was able to have the charge credited back to my credit card. To do this I called Age Of Learning, Inc 1-818-246-2223, they own ABCmouse. I spoke to a live ABCmouse customer service rep! She handled my issue promptly & was great. I hope this information is helpful to someone. Let me say that I do love ABCmouse for my child and plan on re-subscribing when we get a newer, faster computer.

  9. I cancelled months ago and this company is still charging my card. Ian sooooooo frustrated about this. I dont know what to do about it. Someone please help!

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