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  1. I just enrolled in a membership for a year for my 2 year old grandson. After reviewing it, I see that he is not ready for this at this time. I would like to cancel my membership effective immediately and stop the payment of $59.98 being deducted from my credit card, at no charge,like was stated in the terms and conditions. Sincerely-Susan

  2. I need to cancel my membership. Been with it for 4 years and we have moved into the country where we do not get an Internet connection strong enough to play the game. Thank you.

  3. I see I have 50 different singups 0n my labtop I would cancel all incluiding my ownr witch is jayce Richardson open account on 4 12016

  4. You will not get a call back. They make no return calls and they do not cxl when you ask without a charge. I will not pay a charge to cxl something I no longer want. This is the worst place I have ever dealt with. I would not tell anyone to get involved with this company.

  5. My granddaughter is too old for ABC mouse. I do not want to continue to get it. You charged it to my credit card without my permission. Please cancel and credit my account.



  6. Please cancel my subscription to abc mouse. I have paid for it for 3 months and granddaughter hasn’t used it 1 time. Please!

  7. I also am trying to cancel the 30 trial an several emails and replies that have nothing to do with what I want to do CANCEL. I can’t find a number

  8. Please cancel the yearly subscription that automatically was deducted from my bank account. I did not renew my subscription. My daughters favorite part was the “record your voice” section, which has been down for over a year. I’m not paying for this anymore.

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