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  1. I am more upset with the rudeness of Meghan McCain. I hope ABC shows her the door. She is rude, disrespectful and mean spirited. She is not a good fit for The View. All of you that don’t like Whoopi, Joy and Sunny maybe you should change the channel to Fox. Sounds like that is a better fit for you and your right wing conservative views. I would like to see Miss Meghan replaced with someone like Ana Navarro. Meghan should be on Fox she would be great there.

    1. My sentiments exactly, regarding Meghan
      McCain. I keep coming back to see if she is still the same. She’s uncivil, It’s very hard to listen to her, she is loud, rude and she likens herself to a journalist. I don’t think she is a good match for this show period. So I will quit watching again because my teeth will be ground to nubs. I will miss Joy, Whoopi and Sunny. I used to enjoy, laugh and generally felt good when I watched the show. Now it’s just stressful.

  2. Why are you broadcasting English speeking shows (Castle and Clorisa) in SPANISH. I’m a Frontier customer, and they tell me that you are broadcasting these shows is SPANISH and there is nothing they can do about it. WHY ARE YOU FORCE FEEDING ME SPANISH PROGRAMING ON AN ENGLISH SPEAKING CHANNEL.

  3. I stopped watching the View when it became a yelling forum and rudeness to those who did not agree with their “view”.

    But now I heard that Whoopi ended and discussion with Judge Jeanine Perro and later used profanity.

    Is this the type of program that ABC want to continue broadcasting. This is not acceptable behavior and just rude and vulgar. Until Whoopi is gone, I will avoid all ABC programming. Bring Roseanne back for that matter!!

    1. I am appalled by that piece of trash Whoopi Goldberg. Profanity’s aside her building. She said she would pack her bags if Trump became President. What is she still doing her. Pack her bags along with Joys and get the hell out. No one complained when Obama was president.

      I will not watch any of ABC shows anymore, including the biased news. I sold my Disney tickets to someone going to Florida. I will not support Disney, ABC and hope your profits decline if all deplorable did the same.

      Also her remarks should cause her to be fired like Roseanne who did not outcry like Whoopi. Should be ashamed of yourselves.

  4. Freedom of speech is gone in this country. There are things that one can attack on T V . And then things that are able to let slide. Soon people will be afraid to even open their month to speak to any one . This America we are flawed people. That why we are called human beings…How did we get to wipe out all the joy that someone may have given because they looked the wrong way or made a statement they can not take back. we all have said stuff that we wish we had not

  5. T v is called programming for a reason. It pays an important, part in how people view things in their daily lives. I am very sad that because of Rosanne Barr being stupid that 100 of people that do not share her views lost their jobs, These people families have to suffer for one person mistake. Every year people are written out of a show. Why did ABC just choice to write Rosanne out of show and save all the others jobs. I now the dam show had her name. It is still sad. I now that ABC wanted to get out in front what they felt views would say and think

  6. Wow–can we say “double standard,” ABC?? I heard about the horrible things said about the president, conservatives, and Christians on “The View” and ABC totally ignores it. Yet, you immediately pounce on “Roseanne” after a single comment and cancel the show (btw, I’m not personally a “Roseanne” fan). Really, ABC ?? How ridiculous! Anyone with a brain can see right through this . I wouldn’t think of watching ABC again. Shame on you.

    1. Helen, I totally agree. I too am through with ABC. The media loves to jump on things like this and now Samantha Bee disgusting comment about Ivanka Trump. Why didn’t TBS fire her. I hate vulgar talk and I am a Christian and they hate us too, but I don’t care cause there is a higher power that will have his judgment day with everyone. I love it cause with all these problems, man cannot stop mother nature with the horrible weather and volcanos that HE is allowing to hit us. Just maybe God has had enough and I don’t blame Him. I will not watch any shows on these networks anymore. Surprised they haven’t been sued.One more thing, The View needs to go. Joy, Whoopie, I hate this show cause it is so negative especially against the President. He has guts to stand up to them unlike the other Presidents and they don’t like it.The View is a waste. Get rid of them. What has happened to us? What has happened to being nice and good to one another? No longer exists in our country, but I wish all these that gripe about our country would move to another country cause the good people don’t want you here.Go live with the other countries, Joy, Samantha, Whoopie, Democrats, by the way thought you were going to leave when Trump got elected. Did some of you get cold feet. You have it good here, but I refuse to support the Networks that have your shows.

  7. Ms. Channing Dungey is seriously misguided. Rosanne has every right to make a joke about anything she wants to. She’s a comedienne, after all and we still have free speech in America (so far). What a ridiculous, rash decision to cancel a popular TV show just because Ms. Dungey didn’t like what Rosanne said. You can bet there will be a backlash to such a poor decision.

  8. The view makes me sick. Joy is so nasty looking canceling Roseanne was a big mistake. I will no longer watch your network. And any sponsors that are on the view I will not purchase. You guys are unreal

    1. MY FAMILY and I will NO longer watch ABC Your cancellation of Roseanne show is a great mistake. You do not seem to mind that Alec Baldwin is disgusting when portraying Donald Trump. The View daily makes disparaging remarks about Trump Afraid of Whoopi Goldberg and her pathetic Joy Behar daily saying horrible things about Donald Trump. Good Bye ABC – No More! I will also let your sponsors know I will not be watching or buying anything associated with ABC! BIG MISTAKE!

  9. Due to the cancellation of the Rosanne show, I, my family, their friends & their families will no longer watch ABC and it’s affiliates. We will also boycott any of your sponsors. ABC continues to air THE most offensive show on TV…..The View, where “Joy-less” makes the most vile statements……after years of watching your station, I am happy to say “BYE ABC!”

  10. We just head as we were watching the Chew that you are not continuing the show for another season. What are you thinking. It is the highlight of our day. A positive, happy show compared to all the other “talk shows” that are so negative and depressing. We believe people will mourn the loss of these wonderful people.

  11. No More ABC, I am a Christian and you and your Network are not! Terrible drivel show, why is it on any network! Bunch of loud mouth people with one view, LEFT ONLY! You don’t have a show I even watch on TV anymore!

  12. The producers of The View on the ABC network needs to be removed from ever producing a show that would have people bashing and making stupid comments about the Vice President and his beliefs. These women say they are Christians but I doubt that they are due to the evil talk that spews from their mouths. Our country’s ethical moral position is already in trouble due to the insane comments that come from liberal people such as Joy Behar that we don’t need to hear it anymore. The show The View should be cancelled from ABC network as all it does is emit foul verbal abuse towards others, causing the separation between people and not unity. I will therefore not watch anything that is on ABC until this foul show is removed. Those who continue to show this on ABC and promote this kind of abuse to others are labeled as Antichrist followers with no love for their fellow man. These who call themselves Christians are only fooling themselves and are totally transparent to us as to who they really are. We will see their reward at the Judgment Day.

  13. ABC, what in the world are you thinking of allowing a show like “The View” to continue to be on the air? I watched that segment where Ms. Behar and Ms. Hostin made their slurs against Vice President Pence’s faith. There are no words to describe how offended I was as a Christian. I do not consider myself as having a mental illness for praying and waiting for guidance from Jesus. “The View” needs to be taken off the air.

    It should have been done a long time ago!

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