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  1. I shop at Abercrombie in West Edmonton Mall upstairs, adult section.I returned some item because it desn’t fit to my brother, the cashier called the authorized person the lady who looks like Chinese grab the receipt seems to be that she doesn’t like me to returned it. And all the shirts that I purchased she threw away on the bag like a garbage all of them.I was really mad but I don’t want to make a scene.I was told to myself to let it pass but I was really upset.She’s very rude.That’s why I looked at her very mad.I asked her name to some people her name according to them is VIVIAN.They say she’s the Manager. Manager. Act like one.I think she needs some more training in Customer Service. This was happen April 21,2013 at around 5p.m To the Management I hope you do something and talk to this it makes your store reputation bad.I am not person who loves to complaint but this girl ruin my day.Thank you very much.

  2. I placed an order online last 12/21/12 for kids tees, about 8 pcs. they were good deal. i was happy and anxious to get them asap.they confirmed that they shipped it on 12-23

    they told me that i should expect my package first week of jan.

    on the 14th of jan. Worried that the package might be lost. I send abercrombie an email saying that i have not received anything yet. they replied the next day but their email was confusing. it states that “the items were sold out” but then the last statement states that “your order was shipped and check your order with fedex online”.

    I replied back to make things clear with them. Finally, on the 17th of january – they confirmed that it was not shipped because items were sold out and they are giving me a credit.

    Here’s the thing i paid $60.48 and they are only issuing $50.48 to me.

    Why am i gonna suffer the burden of the freight charges. NOTHING was shipped!

    Thats not fair!!!

  3. I never received my package, after a month and 6 failed emails, I finally got a confusing email with a new invoice and something stating “sold out” and stating I should pay immediately so I can get my merchandise. I am unsure what to do, I tried calling twice, but after being on hold for 25 minutes I gave up!

    This has to be the worst customer service online I have EVER seen, bar none… ANd I do a lot of online shopping!

  4. Myself and wife had visit the New York store on Park Ave this past Friday Sept 28th and have to say one of the worst customer experiences we have experienced. While we waited to try on some clothes we both noticed several change rooms vacant.i guess it was too much for the clerk to notice as she spent her time on her cell phone. we actually had to tell her that there were several change rooms empty and the long line up behind us was actually there for no reason.My wife tried on a outfit and called out to me to get another size..I asked the clerk while she was on her cell phone texting and was told i should go get it myself..this is not a joke.i was told to go get it myself..needless to say,we left the store…what a way to treat customers…sure to be back soon..lol

  5. Today, I had the worst customer service experience in A&F store in California/ San Jose/ at valley fair mall. I got a shirt as a gift from a friend and it didn’t fit me so I went there to exchange it. When the cashier was doing a transaction he asked me for my Driver License to keep all my info in their system for $15.00 merchandise since I did not have a receipt. I wasn’t even getting money back, I was exchanging. I asked for a manager the guy who was Andrew came to help me, he was very unprofessional and rude to me when I told him that I am not comfortable to give all my personal info, he told me “what do you think? Do you think we sell your personal info?” He said. “This is a company policy and this is It.” that was the worst answer I could ever get in front of other customers. I was very upset and mad. I spend lots money in that store every year and I do not appreciate their customer service at all and I will STOP going to A&F store for shopping.

  6. I was shopping at the A&F store in Towson, Maryland when I found my favorite shirt on sale. When I went to pay for it, the cashier told me that it was not on sale, even if the price tag salad its sale price. The manager was called and I was told that there was an error in the pricing and that I have to pay the original price. I feel that I was mislead and I should have given the price indicated on the item.. How can I contact their corporate office customer service? Thanks…Eva

  7. I’m a loyal Abercombie customer and often shop at your Washington Square Mall store located in Portland, Oregon. I received the worst customer service last Sunday, January 8th, and am furious and disappointed by your staff’s professsionalism! The store manager was so rude. You had a special promotion on all hoodies and other clearance items that I wanted to purchase. For some reason, the sales staff and store manager would NOT allow me to buy more than one hoodie and made me return the other two. I also wanted to buy 5 other t-shirts that were on clearance and was forced to return four of it — I was allowed to keep only one.

  8. Please start making a size 12L in your Jeans! I love your jeans and the way they fit, but I’m just too tall to wear regular. If you added the option of 12 Long, I would be so freaking happy.

  9. i ordered a tote purse on abercrombies website and payed 15 extra dollars for 3 day shipping.and this was was december 23 2011 that i placed the order. i should of got it december 28(because christmas), got it two days later on the 30th and it was not what i ordered it was a mens large vest! so i called and made the complaint.When i talked to the person on the phone they said they would refund the 15 dollars for shipping and send out another one with next day shipping this time i should of got it january 2nd or 3rd, and still by thursday the 5th i didnt have it so i called again and they sent out another one for next day shipping. i dont know what happend to the last one? so then i go and look at my online banking, and noticed they charged my 86 something for sending 2 when i only ordered one, my orginal order was only 58 dollars. so i called again. and they refunded my whole purchase, but still sent me the tote. i have never in my life been more irritated with a company then these people. im sorry but theres only so many times to mess something up before someone gets angry. i memorize abercrombies customer service number now. i should’t. i will never again by something from you, not even in stores. i also noticed today that your holding 28 dollars? pointless.when i called today about that the person i talked to said its because you had to send out another one… so you have to take more of my money because people who work for you dont know how to do there job?

  10. I went to Abercrombie to return a dress shirt. I had the original receipt. The shirt was brand new and the tags were still on the shirt. Of course I had to wait in line as they won’t open all the tills even though it’s the busiest time of the year (Christmas) I spoke with the cashier who then called the manager to process the refund. As it was a cash sale I was asked for photo ID. I didn’t have my driver’s license with me and was told that I could not get a refund without showing government issued ID. I had several pieces of ID in my purse, but nothing with a photo and address. The manager would not give me a refund even though I had the original receipt and the shirt still had the tags on it. I still don’t understand the need for the store to see government issued ID. I definitely won’t be shopping at Abercrombie any more! Your customer service sucks!!

  11. I went in to the children’s Abercrombie to buy a 12 year old little girl a gift card. After the girl rang me up she went to hand me a gift card with a naked boy on it. I was floored! I asked for a different gift card but was informed that was all they had. This is a children’s store and that is all they have? I then asked for my money back and guess what, she didn’t know how to do that. Shame on you Abercrombie!

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