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  1. “Hi, this link on your site is giving false info. It misinterprets the new testimont very bady. If you actually read the New Testament verses they do not translate into what this person wrote they say(the scriptures in Mark). Regarding remarriage this is discussing how God view adultery and the covenant of marriage. It does not say it is forbidden. Rather it explain once people are married, if they divorce and remarry, it is still adultery. This is because in the eyes of God a marriage covenent cannot be broken unless you see in other scriptures (that are not listed here) that it can be broken if your spouse or x-spouse passes away or his your spouse divorces you because you are a Christian & they are not. However back to the point of Mark 10:1-12 Adultery. However Jesus came to die for our sins. If the full book of Marc was translated by the writer of this article you have posted on your site, then this would be the point and reason found: No man is perfect, ya we sin, we commit adultery, Jesus died for our sins if you will accept Him as your Lord & Savior.

    The other Mark verse 12:18-27 is different also from what the writer notes here. It actually says that if a woman’s husband dies, his brother should take care if her, she can have sex with the brother (since she is no longer bound by a marriage covenent since her husband died). Back then this was a way to take care of widows and widows were to be taken care of my all the succession of brothers if & only of the prior brother died. This is a big difference then what the writer said these verses stated. Yes sex is part of the marriage with each brother, but what are the odds that many brothers would pass on before the widow died? It was just an illustration that the widow would be taken care if and relieved of her prior marriage covenant upon death of her husband. The burden to care for the widow fell in the husbands family bank then. Times are different now, but one thing remains the same. That is that Jesus loves us and died for our sins.

    As for the old testimony verses they are loosely translated, but pass. The missing piece is that these books from the Old Testament are the foundation of the moral compass we all have. Sure the punishments were harsh before Cheist came and died for our sins, but would you like a wishy-washy foundation for the worlds moral compass? I would appreciate if you read the New Testament verses in full, in context, see for yourself that they are not translated correctly in this write up & remove this page from your site: http://LQBQteens.about.com/od/glbtteenlifestyle/ss/the_bibile_4.htm

    I visit about.com a lot. I appreciate your postings, I am not some to judge a LQBQ person, but I do judge truth from lies and would really appreciate this false page–which is badically a false witness to the world to be removed.

    Thank you for your consideration “

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