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  1. ACN is an absolutely CROOKED company!!! When I ordered my internet, I was told by ordering the internet, I would also have to purchase digital phone service, which I knew I would never use, because I use only my cell phone and didn’t even want the digital phone, but I said, “Well ok, so much for that”. I was also told I would have 7 mgb(?) of speed on internet, but when ACN called me back to confirm my order, I was then told I would only have 3 mgb(?) of speed. Then, when the tech came to my home to install, I was told at that time that I could only get 1.5 mgb(?). WHAT THE . . .? So, I wound up with something I didn’t even want, and my internet was slower than dial up!!! Needless to say, I’m cancelling my account, and it is worth the early termination fees to get rid of it. Besides that, I got an email from ACN (stands for Absolutely Crooked Network) stating that the equipment I PURCHASED from the them was returned in poor condition. #1 if I PURCHASED it, it’s mine. #2 I had yet to return it because I was still waiting for instructions on what to return where, and found out later that it wasn’t necessary to return it. NEED I SAY MORE?

  2. I am trying to find the amount of interest paid on my school loan for 2017 before the loan was transferred to Navient. How would I go about doing the as I did not receive a statement in the mail for my taxes. Thank you.

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