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  1. It washes my clothes. Thats all I need. But for some reason it stopped draining. My husband and I habe different appinons on y. He thinks the sensor went out. But I think the drain pump is out. Can I get some feed back. Itll run threw the beging lights. Fills washes rinse locks but stops at final spin and cycle complete. It will shut off and when I open the lid its still full of water.

  2. I entered your store excited to buy a pack of white owl white grape cigarellos but I was sadly surprised that I was sold a swisher by mistake. Mistakes happen but when I went in to tell the sales lady what had occurred, she cut me off in the middle of my sentence very rudely before I had a chance to even ask a question and told me to have a nice day before i even asked anything. You have lost a customer and will probably lose more if your cashiers do not find some manners.

  3. I have an Admiral JSJ20453. I am trying to attach it to my VIZIO tv. It was attached and worked perfectly on a different VIZIO tv in a different room.

    Picture and color are not good. Can you advise or send an instruction booklet to:

    PS: Your contact phone number has been busy for more than 24 hours.

    Thank you.

  4. I have an admiral refrigerator that has been in our family for 49 years, and to this day has had no repairs done to it. It is still running great and is notfrost free, with a small freezer compartment in the top. I wish appliances were made this well today. Just wanted to let you know. If you send me your email, I can send you pictures, cannot get to serial number thank you

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