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  1. when ever I try to do stuff on my computer like watch cnn or movies, I am always told that I need the latest Adobe Version. Then when I try to download Adobe, it always stops half way and I am left with nothing. This is very frustrating. Can you help.

  2. I was going to call for help since I spent the whole day trying to install Flash Player unsuccessfully so I can’t watch anything. I can’t afford $40 an hour for help and my health cannot handle the way others’ problems were delayed, obfuscated and road-blocked. I have health problems which are aggravated by stress.

    I give up. Tomorrow I will call my angels at Apple and pray they will have mercy on me. I am never stressed by their aid and they always know what they’re talking about.

    Maybe someone else will come up with a better version and we can all switch to the.

    When are corporations going to learn, it doesn’t matter how much you spend in advertising, it is the customer service that counts

  3. Tried a second time to see if Adobe would do something to correct this. Was just told again to either use a 3rd party program or BUY their new upgrade. They did mention I could download it and use it for up to 30 days first… outside of that NOTHING… and I guess why should Adobe be willing to do anything that will take a few pennies out of their profits.

    And… WHY do they allow their employees to LIE to customers just to make a sale!!!!

    I also was made aware that their “Customer Service” located in India, will ask you if they can put you on hold to talk to a supervisor… in reality, they are just taking other calls the after 10 to 20 min on hold they come back and tell you there is nothing they can do to help you besides what was already informed… ask for a supervisor… what you get is the same scam used in a restaurant… “OK Jack your supervisor / manager for the shift!!!”

    I just know that I have been TOTALLY screwed over by a company that I had trusted for a whole lot of years……

    NO longer… They have lost a faithful customer… UNLESS I get a sincere apology and a solution from someone at least close to the top of the ladder also assuring me NOTHING like this will happen to another customer!!!

  4. I bought your Adobe Audition CS5.5 some time back. But had some problems with it… BUT health went to the dogs for some time… (Service Connected Vet… & the VA did a # on me… a lot of infections & surgery’s, etc, etc.) I was UNABLE to install and use it… except for 1 quick try… to wit found it quite differant and could not at that time get into it… Once I was able to get my health back to the point to try and reinstall your Audition CS5.5. And again when I could not figure out the problem this time I was able and Called your people and was told what the problem was… that the person that sold CS5.5 either did NOT know the product or just out to make a sale… and that I had to either PAY for your new upgrade, BUY another program like NERO to use in conjunction… ETC, ETC… When I first bought CS5.5 I was told it would make Version 3 seem like a child’s toy…. I FULLY explained what I needed and what and how I was using the program and was told by YOUR sales staff that CS5.5 would do EVERYTHING version 3 did PLUS so much more…. That is / was an out and out LIE. When I did call yesterday and talked with YOUR TECH support… I found that CS5.5 DOES NOT have the capabilities to burn to disk as Audition 3, and your new 6. I was TOTALLY LIED TO ABOUT CS5.5. I know it took a lot longer than the norm to find the problem… but that was not my fault… but when it was found that your product was sold to me under FALSE capabilities just to make a sale… Your customer service people could have… but refused to correct the problem caused by my being LIED to by your sales people… then your “overseas” powers to be could care less about someone here in the US being screwed over!!!! The supervisors name was told to me as being Mr. Pranav… We double checked the spelling! UNLESS I was also lied to about that likewise! I doubt that I will hear from you, So I will give a slight chance for you to correct your Company’s people lying to me… and you can have this Audition CS5.5 back… it is of NO Value / use to me. Apparently Adobe is harder up for the $100.00 than I am… I hate to think this is how you treat all Customers, to wit I have been for many years… but may real soon be NO LONGER!! As you can tell… I have not had time to calm down from being lied to by your company… but what bothers me most is your people DO NOT care about service… just getting the sale and hope their lies don’t catch up with them till it is too late for the customer to do anything about it. A lot more I want to say about this… but am just getting too upset that you would treat a loyal customer this way… I can’t think straight!

    And if you think I may be lying about ANY OF THIS… I run a program called Personal Logger and all the conversations with tech support and then you’re so called customer service is / was fully recorded.

  5. Purchased CS6 (student/teacher) via Adobe online. After almost one month, numerous emails and phone calls to Adobe, which resulted in twenty-one email responses stating, “you can expect the box to be delivered within 4-5 business days. Inconvenience deeply regretted.” Guess what? Yes! ‘I still do not have CS6.’ Made five call today, after an hour, in total, on the phone I was able to leave a voicemail message…I do not expect a response. I am trying to cancel now, will use Apple’s Aperture.

    Just got through to a person as I type, they answered the phone politely, I gave my name and simply stated in a polite manner, “I am trying to find out when the product I purchased almost a month ago will be delivered.” To which she relied, “one moment Sir.” And vanished into the background…still waiting. On this occasion I prefixed Adobe’s number with 141 (making me an anonymous caller) the phone was answered within four rings…’I wonder if they are able to flag-up caller numbers?’

    Eight minutes later the open line still hisses in my ear.

    Fifteen minutes later the his remains, guess what the phone has just cut-off. I will Try again…however, I can hear background attempts to reconnect. I will hang on for a bit longer…

    Adobe Customer Service really does need to get a grip. This is the first time I have ever publicly commented on poor service, and it is warranted. Consider alternatives before choosing this supplier/product.


  6. I have purchased and used Adobe photo impressions 2,4,6,and 7. I am currently using ver.7, and when I started the program while my computer was online, Adobe sent an advertisement for ver.11 into the opening screen that corrupted it and froze my computer. I had to push my restart button to continue working. My ver.7 was permanently corrupted. I had to uninstall/reinstall it “offline”. Now I can only use my ver.7 with my computer offline or the advertisement comes back and locks my computer up. Trying to get help from Adobe tech support is an exercise in futility. I’m looking for a similar product from a more reliable company.

  7. I have many Adobe Products,some dates back to 3 floppy disk for Photoshop (About 28 years 25). I have never had a satisfied response from Adobe and still having problems.Their support is almost non existance. After a couple of weeks you may or may not solve the problem trying to reach You would think after that many years that they would have their Ducks in a row.


  8. Your install process for updating Adobe Flash Player is a royalpain in the rear!!!!!!!

    I already have the latest available version installed with Windows Explorer 9.0 and Windows Vista, but continue to get messages I need to update. When I do try the install with Webroot Aywhere Antivirus disabled, , it keeps cycling back and forth, never completes the install. Even after canceling the installation, the CONTINUE BOX KEEPS POPPING UP, even after a shutdown and restart.

    why don’t you fix this very irritating problem.

  9. After months of trying to claim my “complimentary” upgrade to CS6 premium I was to be given if I bought Adobe CS5.5 preimium I am giving up! I sent them my invoice and all the info they requested. I hope Adobe and their so called customer support are happy they have ripped off another college student with limited funds. No one sent an email or letter about how to claim the WHAT they advertised or a cutoff date. Which by the way I found out about though the Adobe site as I was trying to get to somebody for help. They told me I missed the date, which was August 5th, 2012 and it was still in August when I was first of aware this existed. I hope everyone knows by now what a lying bunch of people are at Adobe! They last one I talked with flat out told “tough!” you didn’t make the deadline so you are @@## out of luck! All they had to do was honor the agreement and give me a serial number.

  10. Agreed Adobe does not support their products someone will come in and create a new product to easily take away their market share, just like the car compaines in the 70s and 80s. Wake up Adobe.




  12. Thanks, that was just what the Doctor ordered. Sometimes there is nothing like old school for getting the job done, No thanks to Adode. They say they have phone support but can’t find it till now.

    Thanks again,


  13. How long is it going to take the marketing geniuses at Adobe to realize that they are on a collision course with solid ground with their current customer service concept? They cannot even get the Philippines to call back during US business hours. The nickel you are saving just lost an 1800 dollar sale to me. Adobe (as a brand through your customer service department) sucks. You better get your act together here before your young and energetic marketing people (that showed you how to save a couple of dollars through using offshore dimwits) run your once good company into the ground!

    Lost Opp.

  14. Adobe support is non-existant. The people (I have now talked to at least three different people) who represent Adobe Tech Support in the Phillipines referred me to a website! They did not know the answers to any of my problems with Adobe Lightroom 4. Do they not get training before they begin spending hours on the phone with a customer? Then, they send a request about their service! – and no one answers that, either. I have used Photoshop and Light room in all of their versions for many years.If they have decided to go out of business, they should let us know. If they intend to provide support, they should start soon.

    Do you know where I can find someone who really knows these programs?

  15. I have Adobe Master collection CS5. I love Adobe products. I hate their support. 3 issues and none resolved. I wonder how much these guys in India get paid?

  16. Adobe’s customer service is the worst on the planet. You would not believe the countless hours I have spent on corporate issues and have gotten nowhere. Every time I have a corporate issue, I can count on 4 hours, at least 10 calls to India, getting disconnected on transfers 5 times, and talking to 20 different people. Please tell me how this can be cheaper than me talking to 1 person in the US and probably getting fixed in 15 minutes. Could someone at Adobe please explain that to me????

  17. They are not responsive. I have tried submitting requests to be contacted as I want to buy/upgrade… but nothing… amazing. The “alert” on their website that says “We are experiencing high call volumes due to the demand for Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 4. We apologize for any delays this may cause.” may be permanent as I have seen this for days. If you have an alternative I’d give it serious consideration.

  18. I felt taht the customer service was less than helpful. Questions were answered out of a book, but couldn’t help me with Illustrator questions and registration questions until I gave them my Email address. The service reps spoke minimum english and I didn’t resolve my transfer of registration product numbers and didn’t resolve my Illustrator Questions.

  19. My adobe reader that came with my home computer has stopped working.I tried to download a new version from your site and my computer freezes.

  20. I sent you a message yesterday, that said that I could not open Adobe Photoshop Elements 14. I since have been able to open up Photoshop and use it. I am sorry if I caused you any problem.


  22. We use CS4 Extended on a mac computer, which has the Mavericks OS. When working with a jpeg image none of the eraser tools now work, though they worked perfectly the day before. The Photoshop preferences have been reset, the computer restarted, both opacity and tolerances have been used at various settings, there is only one layer, which is unlocked, the correct layer was chosen, both contiguous and discontiguous have been tried, Brush size checked, plus many other trouble shooting techniques have been unsuccessfully attempted.

    We tell everyone how superior Photoshop is as an editing tool. By this time I’m certain you are aware that your (supposed) customer service in the Philippines is EXTREMELY detrimental to the Adobe brand name. Even if you aren’t concerned with your customers or are not concerned about removing the bugs in Adobe products, you must realize the consequences of poor customer service and unresolved software bugs will eventually have a detrimental effect on Adobe’s worldwide business.

    Thank you

    Wayne Billings

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