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Adore Me offers fashionable, high quality, perfectly fitting intimates at such an affordable price. They offer VIP memberships or you can pay as you go.

Hours: Monday – Friday from 8:30am until 8:30pm

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15 Replies to “Adore Me”

  1. “I have been trying to stop automatic payments for months and I even stopped merchant payment with the bank

    And some how I am still being charged ! I’m would NEVER recommend this to anyone

    They SUCKKKK”

  2. I have a charge on my credit card and I did not order anything please email me so we can take care of this.

  3. I am in the process of trying to cancel my VIP account. It seems as though many others are having the same problem. The Better Business Bureau will get a bad report from me and they are still charging my account after cancelling my account. I will call the TV station next and will get some results. This is a total scam that you cannot cancel and stop payments from being taken out of your bank account.

  4. I am being charged for the VIP membership and I have been trying to cancel it. I will have to go to the bank to file fraud charges. How can this company do this? Never use this company at all!

  5. I’ve been getting monthly charges since May. I think my 15 yr old daughter ordered a swimsuit???? I never ordered from here. Anyway customer service answered and was friendly BUT she checked and they did not have a valid shipping address entered. She checked tracking information and confirmed I never received the initial order…..YET they still charged me for the initial order AND monthly bills of 39.95 since May for a total of $200. I was told it will be credited but I will need to verify. I’ve also notified my credit card company that the charges are fraudulent.

  6. I have been trying to cancel my VIP member ship for 2 months! it does work when you push the link on their site and cant get a hold of anyone in person! this is upsetting….calling again for the third time!

  7. I was charged 200 dollars for the VIP membership and I just called and should be getting a full refund. We will see. Worst company.

  8. I have been charge over 300 dollars at ADORE ME they kept on charging my account. I had only made one purchase. I have an illness and been very sick when I finally check my email I had all these -$39.95. I work for the State Department and going to file a complaint with all the necessary channels. Going to file for fraud and a class action lawsuit for the credit card . In addition, everyone should do the same this is so wrong.

  9. I want a full refund, I had no idea you would keep my credit card information on file and continue to charge my credit card each month. I made a purchase one time using a special offer, I wasn’t sure if I want make another purchase or not. That was my first time using your product. I want a full refund you charge my account in Feb, March,April and May of 39.95 to my credit card, forward all that money back to my card. Take my credit card information out of your system, NOW. Don’t charge my account again without my permission.

  10. This company continues to withdrawal from your account for months after you cancel your account! They are fraudulent and dishonest , I do not recommend this company to anyone! DO NOT START AN ACCOUNT WITH THIS COMPANY!

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