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  1. Having issues with logging-in. I was told that I needed to change my password, which I did and when I tried to use the new password it would not work. I then tried the old password it also would not work.I tried once more ad the system told me I was locked out and that I needed to contact someone for assistance

  2. can not get into ipay I was told that I needed to change my passwork which I did and when I tried to use the new password I t would not work, I then tried the old password it would not work. I was then told I was locked out, What can I do to access my account.


  3. I’m lock out of IPAY they send me a massage in my e-mail stating someone was trying to get in my account that someone was me if you can please unlock me I would be grateful! Thanks ahead of time.


  4. W4 information says “unavailable due to payroll processing”. Sadder still is there is zero phone support. The 800# for contact leads to a myriad of dead ends. So there is nobody to conact. Brillian plan. I have to work thru HR at my company.

  5. ADPiPaySteatement I have been trying to view my monthly statements and last on is showing completely is for Decembaer then I was payed wrong in feb didnot take proper amount for my supplemental health care im very concerned and body seems give a crap please tell me what to do i called benefit help line at Timken never got response wha do I need do I need answers now

    my name Gary V Smith retired timken employee last 4 is 4304 please help me

  6. I’ve Been trying over and over to get in to get My W2. I haven’t worked for that Comp. for over 6 Mos.I know the Password but can’t Remember what way I spelt it.And every Time I try to change My Password the Security Question asks Me about My 1st Grade Teather.And thats Not the Sceurity Question I had set up incase this Happend. Please alittle Help would be Realy Helpfull (taxes due soon)

  7. every time i get pass word change use it again it doesn’t work what are you and freight liner trying to do fix it where i cant see if they paid me correctly because there know for not paying people the way they should is this one of your tricks because if the pro blame keeps accruing u need to mail it me try of this .

  8. i’m locked out of my account because it says i exceeded my chances to enter correct password, i really need access to my pay stubs now!!!! this is not the first time ive had problems, can i at least get an 800 number or something?

  9. I have been trying for about a month accessing my pay stubs online and every time I select my pay date, it never opens and I get a “security message” about closing the page I’m on and open a new one to view my pay stub. I have tried this several times to no avail. I am very upset that I cannot review my pay stubs and that there is no contact phone number for ADP IPay to get this matter resolved. My employer cannot help with this situation, it is not their system that is messing up.

  10. cannot get back in to get my w2 I no longer work for the company but need the w2 to file my taxes and my old id brings up diff email/ph# prompts that must belong to someone else they were never mine. I need help but no help seems to be available on the site only this comment area.

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