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ADT Customer Service. Let ADT provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the #1 security company in America is helping protect your home and family, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For over 131 years, ADT has been the most respected name in the security business.

1-866-746-7238 – Sales
1-888-ADT-ASAP – Service (1-888-238-2727)
1-800-220-3417 – Rebates

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6 Replies to “ADT Home Security”

  1. “I talked to your representative, Julia, on July 28,2015 requesting a “”Certificate of Installation”” for insurance purposes….to date I have not received it by mail.

    My account # is 74406500 and my deadline is fast approaching. I don’t know if this is the right forum for this question but I thought I would give it a try”

  2. “I have tried to get ADT to send the refund of my canceled service for the last month and have not received it yet.

    Customer service is giving me the run around and will continue until I get some compensation”

  3. ADT Customer Service Review for January 2013

    I had ADT quite a few years ago and the electronics were fine it was the billing dept that double charged me on more than one occasion. So I canceled my contract with them and paid the fee and then they said I didn’t pay that fee even though they know they got the money. My sister got a call from “ADT” yesterday asking all kinds of questions about her neighborhood and does she feel safe and secure ( she is a widow raising a 4 yr old daughter on her own) That she really needed this to keep her daughter safe. ( pressured her very badly and prayed on her being a widow alone with a small child) So she agrees to take it the set up would be free and the equipment would be free and as long as she put a sign up in the yard she would pay 44.00 monthly monitoring fee. They asked her for three names to call so she gave them my new number and my name ( Old account was in my husbands name) and her mother in laws phone number too.

  4. ADT Customer Service Review 2013

    my name is Michael Mayer I have never dealt with a more poorly managed company in all my 52 year. I have tried to schedule a support call for almost 2 months now. Lost 3 days of work , confirmed all my appointments. Service does not even know their own voice prompts. Managers do not call you back and tech are no where to be found. Sales is busy over selling. They can not support their own products, and all for $65.00 a month!!!

  5. Adt is not for us. They send people into the neighborhoodselling door to door. Three years in a row my elderly parents have turned them down and every time they have the house or car has been vandalized. The first year my mothers back window to her car was shattered, the next the garage door window was busted and today her car was stolen. This is very unfortunate. My parent’s do not have much money and this situation is very stressful for them. Adt is a joke who do they hire to sell their products. My parents have lived in that house for over twenty years and nothing ever has happened to them I am very upset and also worried about their safety now that this has occurred. I am upset that this is what ADT has to sell their products. Every time they come a crime is committeed the same day.

  6. customer service a joke ask to have the salesman sent direction on my email address on May 8 2012 and never receive the direction. In the future I will be looking for a new alarm company.

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