AeroBed Corporate Office HQ:
1834 Walden Office Square
Third Floor
Schaumburg , IL 60173

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12 Replies to “Aerobed”

  1. Bought two aerobed full size , year ago an must complain as one got a couple small tears in seam ..other 6 months later also happened..for 249.99 each one would think aerobed full size would fall apart ? Sorry no sorry had to report not sure I would recommend anyone to purchase….

  2. yes customer service netherland are rude and unhelpful called this am for some help !!!!Don’t bother trying to get any help from William Taylor or his manager Irenne Vandeux I’ll escalate my complaint to the CEO instead .

  3. Very disappointed my the queen size AeroBed and it started having little pin hole leaks on some of the seams. As soon as one leak is repaired another (within a couple of days) another leak is detected. So far I’ve put eight patches and it still is not right. For all the advertising they do, claiming how good their beds are, (in my opinion they are garbage) and trying to get some one to talk to about it is next to impossible. Has not been a good experience. They do not stand behind their product as a good reliable company would. Very disappointed, For a company this big to treat their customers this bad is a travesty.

  4. My friend received a raised queen areobed as a gift. She has had the bed for 2 months. The bed has had several leaks. We keep patching the leaks. But there always seems to be more leaks the next day. Can she get the bed replaced?

  5. This company is an atrociity. I have tried everyway to reach customer service. Finally 2 months later I rceeived a reply from coleman. It gave the same directions that I stated in the e mail had been done.

  6. No one is picking up the phone. Nor is chat available. All I want to do is order a replacement valve my Aerobed, which is in otherwise excellent condition. I just need to ensure that I order the correct valve.

    It sounds like Coleman is not a company anyone should do business with.

  7. I own two beds love them but my carrying bag just came apart on the twin bag, the queen bed is fine I am 71 yrs. old and didd not abuse then , I keep them in a spare closet, no children to abuse , They have really been taken care of, I am so dissapointed.

  8. I would like to add my experience to this; I ordered an Aerobed 14 days ago and they have failed to deliver. I called them thanks to the number on this website and they acted surprised that I didn’t know that they had refunded my money as they are unable to supply the goods. In fact they will not have any stock of any Aerobed until 29th August. I asked why they are still offering them for sale on their website to which I was told it was an IT glitch. I have reported the company to Trading Standards because they are still taking payments from unsuspecting customers with no intention to supply the goods. They take the money, hold on to it for a week and refund it; not a bad scam, eh?

  9. Do not buy from this company directly. The first time I used my brand new bed it deflated. I have constantly tried emailing and calling both the numbers above. The free number did get answered once and when I asked to speak to someone from Aerobed she said she would transfer me just put the phone down on me. The rest of the time no one answers. The other number is a fax machine. Looks like I’ve learnt a very expensive lesson about buying from a company with no direct contact details.

  10. Called and spoke to Nick Coleman about the seam that has ‘popped’ on our king size aerobed and he was very helpful and, due to it being in warranty,us ordering it directly and them being out of stock at the moment, he is arranging a refund from a lady called Anna Horvers. Quite a positive experience flying in the face of all the critisism on this website.

    E-mail from Nick confirming the refund and fullcontact details of the accounts dept received immediately.

  11. Very disappointed in the service and they do not stand behind their product. The electrical plug for the pump didn’t work the first time I used it, I called and they did not help me or offer to replace the plug.

  12. Totally unprofessional company. Slow response to emails, no returned phone calls, not up to 5 days delivery as stated. I thought buying direct from Aerobed would be the best method of purchasing. Big mistake. There’s a moral here, don’t buy from a company with no contact phone number on their website (also if there is one try the number before you buy to make sure someone is there). Lesson learned.

    see http://whatconsumer.co.uk/buying-online/?gclid=COS43dGFya0CFcMMtAodm2bngw

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