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Call Aero Mexico: 51334000 in Mexico City or 01(800) 021 4000 toll-free from anywhere in Mexico.

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  1. I had booked a surf trip for 5 days. aeromexico charged me 300 dollars for extra baggage fees, and then never loaded them on the plane. so we couldn’t surf for 2 of the 5 days. I spent hours at the desk, and on the return trip home was given a gift card for 100, which turns out is in pesos, which I can’t spend anywhere in the US, nor will any financial institution or money changer accept.
    So I’m left having spent fees that are higher than any other airline–that amount to highway robbery–for bags that weren’t delivered on time and I lost almost 1/2 my trip.

  2. Iam very sad that I will not be using your airlines ever again.Because when I took your airline from Tijuana to Guadalajara Mexico.I had a luggage that was opened and someone stole my brand new jacket from mu suitcase and it was raining there that evening and no jacket please see that your workers are trust worthy and not to steal out of suitcase. I put a claim but no one ever got back to me I will tell my friends and family not to use your airlines.It is so sad, Maria Alvarado my claim number is 015551334000

  3. “Perhaps a Class Action is necessary to get a better service. They are ridiculous, make mistakes, make the customers pay hundreds of dollars for their mistakes, and when you contact customer services they blatantly ignore you. What a shame. Please add your comments on how to start a class action in the USA. the abuse needs to stop. We are hard working immigrants not wealthy individuals. Thanks.

    Lupe “

  4. Yes today my parents and daughter made to Leon at 6:30am but they drag so when they finally made it at 7:00 am to counter their tickets sold and now they paid more to take a flight home through United Airlines

  5. I had the worst experience with this airline, they have the worst customer service ,lost my connecting flight due to customs delaying and bad information given to me by their employees, on top of that they wanted me to pay just about the same amount of money I had paid for my round trip, the person handling my complaint at the moment did not give a s%%&&* about what was happening … will never fly with them again>

  6. Buenas tardes ,mi pregunta es saber cuales son los requerimientos necesarios para poder vender voletos de avion de aeromexico, yo vivio en Woodbridge,VA, muchas gracias por su atencion.

  7. they have the worst costumer servicem, they have NO ANSWERS FOR JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING YOU WILL ASK !! theree is no way to communicatee with the U.S.A Aeromexico !! they have one 1800 number but it seems impossible to to do it from mexico !! they need to get a non toll free number for the ones that need to call from mexicoo to the U.S Aeromexico !!

    cuz it seeems that accoding to them idiotss in order to reserve a flight if you are calling the mexican 1800 number you can;t pay with an american express issued in the states, you have to do it through U.s.a aeromexico !! soo stupiddddd , all of them are idiotss nobody knows what they are talking about, and yes be ready to ask for the day off at work cuz you will need at least 6 hours with them in the phone.

  8. my wife and doughter left chicago on thursday 08/02/2012 at 445 flight was to leave and left 1 hr 25 min later. she did not make her connecting flight and got routed to lax. to arive in leon following day @615am. A flight that was to take 5.5 hours took almost 19 hous and guess what they lost her bags stll saturday and no bags yet. I spoke to an aeromex attendent just like any idiot they never have any answers they just give you the run around. I guess hopping that you will not call again. guess how much money they wanted to compensate for the lost of luggage 100.00us thats only good for one change of clothes. by far the worst trip ever and I didn’t even go. Thats just BS! thay we the customers have to go through incredible. one peace of advivce if you have to spend 100.00 more do it the trouble that this airline has coused me it’s not worth travel by a reputable airline will not ever travel by aeromex EVER AGAINE. excuse the spelling but crap I am po

  9. I had to cancel my flight to Cabo San Lucas as my trip was cancelled by the tour operator due to no fault of my own. The trip was cancelled several weeks in advance. Aeromexico stated they would refund me the amount paid less a $200 penalty. That was 6 weeks ago and no refund to date. I will keep trying but I would not recommend anyone from the U.S. purchasing a fare from Aeromexico despite a cheaper fare than American carriers. If there are any problems whatsoever, you lose!

  10. Here is my letter to Aeromexico detailing my ordeal:

    Date: December 30th, 2011

    To whom it may concern:

    I am writing this letter to once again attempt to get assistance with a travel issue I had with AeroMexico. This is the first time we bought tickets from AeroMexico and sadly the scheduling unnecessarily turned into a nightmare. For your convenience, you may refer to the newest number given to us by AeroMexico: ****. We had two other ticketed people in our party, their ending numbers are * and *, with everything else remaining the same.

    On December 22nd, TWO days before our scheduled trip (as opposed to the required 72 hours) from Miami, Florida to Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, we received a call from Travelocity, which was the agent we had chosen to purchase our tickets. We were on our way from where we live in Tennessee to Florida, on a 14 hour drive in our car to catch our flight in Miami on December 24th. Our first complaint has to do with the fact that the airline precipitated changes that turned our holiday plans upside down. We had bought CHRISTMAS gifts and had planned to spend Christmas Eve with family in Chiapas, Mexico. The Travelocity agent, ****, called to say that because of an AIRLINE change, we had to either cancel our trip and obtain a refund or get an alternate flight arriving in the afternoon to Villahermosa, Tabasco, on December 24th, which to our understanding is located between 6-8 hours from where we needed to go. Either way our holiday plans went down the drain because we could not spend Christmas Eve with family as we had so confidently planned on doing while relying on your airline to get us to Tuxtla Gutierrez on time. We lost money on Christmas-themed gifts and lodging and time because we did not get proper notice as we were already on the road when we received the call.

    The second complaint we have has to do with the airlines lack of willingness to rectify an error and accommodate the client. In our conversations with the Travelocity agent, we explored options and one of the questions was: “IF we decide to take the Villa Hermosa trip (and that was a BIG IF because I have uncontrolled Diabetes Type 1, we were traveling with 2 children under 5 years old and had no confirmed means to transportation to our final destination), would we need to call Travelocity or AeroMexico?” The agent asked me to hold on while she spoke to AeroMexico and when she came back she said that it was done, to which I replied: “What is done?” She said: “I booked the Villahermosa trip”. I was surprised and confused and said: “I did not say we were taking the trip to Villa Hermosa” and asked her to “unbook”, the trip until we could make our decision, based mainly on whether we could find someone to pick us up THAT far (again all because of AIRLINE issues) as we could not get public transportation based on the above-mentioned issues. The airline refused to make any changes because the new tickets were issues. I asked to speak to the AeroMexico representative, Mrs. ****, on that afternoon of December 22nd to explain that a misunderstanding had occurred and that I had NOT authorized the change. Mrs. **** refused to budge. Upon seeing the lack of good faith, I decided not to fly with your airline. I wanted my refund after all. Finally, the Travelocity agent said she would try to find a solution. She came back saying that AeroMexico would issue a refund minus a $200 penalty. I asked whether AeroMexico was planning on keeping those $200 when they originally offered the refund. **** asked Mrs. **** and she said “no” that they were penalizing us for the misunderstanding. I told **** that we should not have to pay a $200 for a change that I did not authorize. She said she would try to work something out and asked whether we would accept airline credit. I said: “IF we can get FULL credit without penalty, and we can fly from another CLOSER city, possibly”. She spoke to the AeroMexico agent and came back saying that AeroMexico would, in fact, give us the complete amount WITHOUT a penalty. I was satisfied thinking we could use the full amount we had given the airline.

    On Christmas day, we were still in Miami staying at hotels and hoping to find a flight to Tuxtla Gutierrez to at least spend New Year’s Day with our family in Mexico. We called Travelocity to make a new reservation with our credit. The representative said the airline had control of our reservation. I asked to speak to a supervisor named Mr. ****, who confirmed this as a fact. So I called AeroMexico to set up the reservation and found another unpleasant surprise. According to the AeroMexico representative, we could make the reservation but would have to pay a penalty. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was transferred to Mr. **** who explained that that because Travelocity made the mistake of authorizing the change on my behalf, I would have to complain to them and ask them to take control back of the ticket, which they could do at any time. I spoke to Travelocity on December 27th, 28th, and 30th and finally ****, a supervisor said that because YOUR airline had control of the ticket they could not just retake it, that the way the system is set up does not allow for that type of action from their part. He said that AEROMEXICO would have to free the tickets from your restrictions so they could get control back. I asked him to help us do that; and he offered to call your airline.**** then called AeroMexico and spoke to **** from the Houston Center, which brings me to complaint #3. **** explained the policy. I explained my situation that due to a misunderstanding, Travelocity authorized a ticket I did not want. At this point she raised her voice and accused me of making changes and then not wanting to pay a fine. I found her attitude very unprofessional and I got so upset that I said: “I am done speaking with you, find someone else that I can talk to”. Ms. **** did not help me locate ****, as she said no one in the Houston center had that name, nor did she give me the other center numbers so that I could locate Mr. ****; she did not allow me to speak to her supervisor and acted in an unprofessional condescending manner. So in the end AEROMEXICO did not release the control of our tickets back to Travelocity and I was talked down on by your representative. As I said in the beginning, I have Diabetes Type 1 and within a couple of hours of having the confrontation with your agent, my blood sugar went up to 400 (it should be 100) without consuming any food. This whole ordeal has caused me a great deal of stress and I wish a satisfactory resolution.

    All I want is either the full credit that we were offered on December 22nd or a full refund as we are very disappointed at the way the airline has handled the trip by making changes that negatively affected our holiday plans and at the way AeroMexico handled the agency mix-up by refusing to give us the full credit promised and acting in a very accusatory and unprofessional manner. Giving us a full refund would guarantee a win-win situation in which we still spend the money with you and that we don’t lose any money. I know that someone in AeroMexico has the authority to handle this case in a way that benefits both the airline and the passenger. I would also like to see better, more respectful customer service from the Houston Center whether is by offering more training or pay. I did get good service from other centers (maybe in Mexico?) in previous calls. However, even when I tried to get the other center numbers to locate Mr.****, through another agent as **** refused to give any more assistance, the representative from Houston was as unhelpful.

    I will gladly answer any questions or clear any doubts in the hopes of solving this situation soon. Have a great day!

    Client Seeking Satisfactory Resolution

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