Aeroplan (Canada)


Aeroplan Contact Phone Numbers
(514) 395-0300 (Montreal)
1-800-957-7439 Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TDD), in Canada and the United States, toll free.
UK 0871-220-7777
Switzerland 0848-aeroplan (23767526)
France 0825 882 883
Other Areas: 1 (514) 395-0300

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22 Replies to “Aeroplan (Canada)”

  1. I have been trying to enroll and since we do not have home phone number, (we use our cell phones only). I can’t get past the “error’ message requiring a home phone number. Anyone know how I can contact a person?

  2. I recently redeemed 180,000 Aeropoints for a trip from Calgary to Malaga, Spain for three people. I was shocked to find out i still had to pay out over $2000 in taxes and fees. I would hardly call it a reward program. I could have bought tickets with less stops for a few hundred dollars more Why are you still charging a fuel surcharge of almost $500 per ticket when the price of oil is at $92 Bp and not $150 when it was instated?

    Also, why do you route through so many different cities when each country you have to stop in charges security fees, airport tax, etc of over $100. No only am i getting the worst connections with Aeroplan but I also have to pay extra for the inconvenience.

    I think it is time that Aeroplan caught up to the more competive reward progarms and stop gouging its customers, As for myself I have cancelled all cards having to do with Aeroplan and will be using Capital One.

    One unhappy customer

  3. I was shopping at an aeroplan retailer today. They gave me coupons as a thank you for spending so much at their store this year. I have been trying all afternoon to enter them for the points and your web site has been down. I see it says they expire December 31st, so if your web site is not up how can I redeem them?!

    This is certainly not a good time to put your web site down. I have been a great customer and this was their thank you. How can I redeem these. I also tried phoning, and the message on your phone says to go to the web site. This is very annoying and I would like these points! Please respond and advise how I can redeem them.

  4. I have an aeroplan card. I would like to have one for my husband with the same number and still in my name. In other words, a duplicate card. I am not always with him when he gets gas so he cant use the card. If he had one, he would be able to use it. I called aeroplan and was on hold for hours so I am hoping this might be easier.

  5. I have noticed that I am not getting the points from Esso when purchasing gas from various gas stations. I telephoned Aeroplan and was directed to Esso. Esso tells me to go back to Aeroplan and obtain a new card. The loyality points earned on most purchases in the month of June are now lost as neither party will make the adjustment to my account. Under the new points plan if we all do not get the points owed we will never improve the level that we are currently at. Good lick to all, it might be time to give up this card and use Air Miles.

  6. We used my husband’s Aeroplan points for Boston to Puerto Vallarta return flights January 13, 2013 for our daughter and her husband. The flights were booked in July 2012 and a confirmation with ticket numbers was sent to us. We have a record of the points taken and taxes paid. Well, when our daughter and her husband checked in with United at the Boston Airport they were denied boarding so they called us at home to ask what they should do. It didn’t matter that our daughter and husband presented an itinerary with ticket numbers and the word confirmed on it. Aeroplan was closed so I called Air Canada to ask why they would be denied boarding and the Air Canada agent looked at the file and said that Aeroplan made a mistake on the booking and she could do nothing. I asked the Air Canada agent what she recommend that we do and she said our daughter and her husband could wait around the Boston Airport with the hopes of getting a flight. Fortunately our daughter and her husband were assertive with the United agent and she put them back on the flights they were originally booked on. If this was the only mistake Aeroplan had made on our file it wouldn’t be so bad but it was the third and each time tickets for our daughter and her husband. Customer service exists only in name with Aeroplan, I got no where with them. We’ll be using the over 500,000 points in my husband’s account on a cruise and hopefully that will work. In the meantime I spoke with our financial advisor at CIBC (the institution promoting Aerogold Visas) and he advised us to change to another type of credit card that isn’t associated with Aeroplan because so many of their clients have problems with them. After telling a group of friends about our latest experience they all said that they wouldn’t have anything to do with Aeroplan, it seems that they are seen as a joke by most people. I wish I could see it as a joke.

  7. My wife and I had one card, in her name, she has passed so now I either have to pay a penny a mile to put in my name, over 50,000 miles, so thats 500 bucks, plus. Or an estate account that stills cost 30 bucks, and only have a year to use them, what a crock of crap. They said it would take 45 days to process, thats come and gone, now I cant get through, your all a bunch of asses.

  8. I’ve been trying to contact customer service today. I’ve been on hold for over 2 hours waiting for a rep. They must all be asleep or on holdays. I’m now wondering if I want anything to do with these guys. If it takes 2 hours for a customer rep, how long does it take to redeem the points?

  9. I was looking forward to redeeming my points this Christmas however the caliber of goods has significantly decreased from years previous. I have been a member for many years and have redeemed points many times during that timeframe.

    I am definitely at a crossroads and will probably be firing my Aeroplan Gold Visa to something more useful like RBS’s Avion VISA. I tolerated the higher interest rate and membership fee for the Aeroplan program. However, if there is nothing of interest to redeem points for why even bother at all.

  10. I am trying to redeem my aeroplan miles for a car rental and hotel in the states. Although they list Avis and the hotel chain I want to stay at do you think it will accept the name of the town where I need to book this? Not. I am thoroughly frustrated because I have tried several time to redeem the miles for flight but there are never any available. What good are all these air miles? I am redeeming them all for whatever I can and getting rid of the card. I will just pay to travel with real money and perhaps then there will be some availability and service.

  11. After reading other clients comments, I wish to add my own. Indeed Aeroplan seems to another scam to encourage people to use Star Alliance members. I have acstuffulated Aeroplan points through Costco yet none were added to my account (they vanished into cyberspace). The listed telephone number for Aeroplan is disconnected and contact must be made by mail. While there are partner businesses, some doubt remains about the actual validity of the so called points.

  12. The worst website and customer service I’ve experienced with any airline–and I travel a lot. Miles were not credited; AC gate agent assured me I could correct this online upon my return. Website tells me dostuffentation must be submitted by snail mail–like there’s no computer record of my roundtrip to Tokyo within the last week for which I want my miles??

  13. There is no place on the website where a new member can get their

    Aeroplan number if they have not taken a note of it. You can find

    out a forgotten password but not a new aeroplan number. So I don’t think

    much of this site, it is very badly planned if you have to keep putting in your

    details and going from page to page and there is no way you can retrieve the only

    information they want!!!


    Thank you.


  14. My points expired. No one notified me that this would happen. I am so disappointed with Aeroplan customer service…there is none!

  15. air canada is a pure rip off….. status miles??? basically buy tango plus or latitude and pay more for status so you may just possibly get a free upgrade to business one day ….. might as well not even bother

  16. Available seats but AEROPLAN will not buy them from AIR CANADA? Then why am I collecting the points? The cost to refund the tickets is more than the cost to book them! What a rip off. Good news is no more AEROPLAN for me!

  17. Aeroplan service is good as long as you follow the rules. However, if you have a problem with some aspects, god help you. You go round the circles. There should be a email add or / and phone number for immediate routing information,

    For Example:

    I booked a hotel thru Aeroplan only to find that hotels like Sheraton refused to honour the confirmed reservation. What do you do?

  18. I’ve been a member of Aeroplan since 2005.

    Today, I logged into my aeroplan account to only see 1100 mileage points. I then saw that they removed 29,528 points because it expired last October!!!!

    I got NO email and NO letter to warn me that my points will expire soon.

    Intentionally, I’ve been flying Air Canada so that I can acstuffulate points!!!

    I even flew to Spain on Air Canada, rather than the cheaper Transat, just to acstuffulate points.

    I never got the opportunity to use my points, no even for merchandise.

    From now on, I’m going to avoid Air Canada whenever possible.

    This whole points reward is a sham.

  19. Just another scam as far as I see it. What does it matter if your do not use your card in X amount of months. If I do not use my credit card they do not close the account. I lost my points only 13.843 but still means something to me. Maybe I am saving for something. Oh I can buy them back for a penny but then I need to pay $30 ADDMISSION fee what a load of crap. There seems to be more unhappy people than happy in this whole thing. I never got this Famous e-mail warning me of my points going to expire. Whats wrong with a letter I’ll pay the postage. Customer service people are all about keeping the points. To much drama and grief to deal with this. Nothing is for Nothing Areoplan proves that.


  20. Today I did a quick check on my Aeroplan miles for my upcoming 10 year reunion trip out east. I was completely taken back to see that my account balance stated ‘0’. I called Aeroplan right away and was told that my miles expired because of no activity. I was also informed that an email was sent to me telling me about my miles expirey date. This I NEVER RECEIVED, although you said you sent it. I have been saving these points for years waiting for this reunion (in 2012) and in one quick hit GONE! I am so disappointed with both Aeroplan and Air Canada and I can guarantee you, that although I do not fly a great deal within Canada, I will never have anything to do with either of your organizations again! And for the record, I do not care what you have on file, I NEVER RECEIVED AN EMAIL STATING MY EXPIRY DATE FOR MY MILES. Although the individual on the telephone today said it was sent to me, which means Aeroplan is now calling me a liar!

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