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  1. Aeropostale in San Francisco Shopping Center has very bad customer service. The manager Roxanne and sales associate Ronald was very rude to me after I had been waiting over 40mins in the store for help with sweatpants for my son. They were very mean and frustrated with many customers. Other sales associates said that the manager was working all day and she was tired. Which doesn’t give her a right to treat customers that way?I have worked in Westfield shopping center and I have never seen any customer service this way. I told the sales associate I would write a review about my experience and he said he didn’t care… After I spent 141 on clothes for my son. The manager is horrible and I will never shop there again.

  2. I tried to exchange 4 young men’s tops from Christmas gifts to my grandson today at aeropostale, St. Matthews Mall, Louisville, Ky. The manager had such a bad attitude it was embarrassing to other customers,the other worker and myself. He told me I could not exchange anything if it did not have the tag on it. Also I didn’t have the receipt because the family member who bought it would not be nice enough to do that. They bought large and xlg rather than small or even medium. Two were thermals/3 button shirts $7.99 now in the sale room. I could not exchange them even though the size was there according to the rude manager. He said we just don’t have the hoodie. I found one comparable. When I tried to check out, and I was going to just buy the 2 thermals, he was extremely rude again. I asked why he had such a bad attitude. He said I don’t. I ended the transaction and said I wouldn’t buy anything today. I buy a lot at this store. The customer behind me followed me out of the store and said he was very rude and she would report him. I have clothes not usable and was treated horribly.

  3. I went to return a jacket we received for Christmas and I had a gift receipt. I don’t understand why the gift receipt has the amount paid for the jacket in the bar code but I could only get a store credit.

    When I discussed this with Brian G., the so called manager at Southland Mall in Taylor Michigan, he was unprofessional. I had picked out a few things I wanted to exchange and at that point I still could not get a measly 8 dollars of cash credit. So I left the line for a second to pick out an eight dollar shirt and I came back to the front of the line where he had started waiting on someone else. The line was back to the door of the mall and I had already waited once I was not about to wait again. He was rude and told me I had to wait because I stepped out of line. Then he proceeded to get a co worker who accused my 14 year old daughter of “wanting” not actually doing but “wanting” to swear at her. So I guess your employees are mind readers???? I know one thing for sure, you need some secret shoppers, you need to have an evaluation system of stores customer service set up with contact information on the receipt like every other store does and you need to hire more mature employees. Right now, these two employees you have at the Southland Mall in Taylor Michigan like to argue with the customer. I will never go back to that store, your employees are a poor representation of Aeropostale and it would behoove your corporation to train them in management/people skills. The corporation certainly does not have that many good reviews on this page either.

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