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  1. “I responded to your website “”,regarding US Seniors now eligible to benefit from

    “”Canadian Social Security””.

    But, There is nothing shown where I may gain access!”

  2. I am livid! None of your phone numbers work. I wanted to sign up today for the soecial offer. But if you are this inefficient I guess it’s for the best.

  3. This is most likely just another one of your great opportunities that you keep showing us and after we have seen it, we see this. Oh! by the way, you need $3000.00 for your boarding pass to get thru the door. Oh! You haven!t got it? Well! I guess this great opportunity just isn!t for you. Sorry, like so much baloney! What a bunch of snobs and self righteos hypocrits. I paid you jackasses for a 3-year subscription to your stock letter and so far you have not given me one recomendation that I could make any money on. So, when are you going to give your subscribers that are not already rich somthing we can make some money on?

  4. I also joined several of the monthly newsletters,one,because my income is social security disability.the ones I did sign up with did mention about several money making programs that were not expensive to get started in.I always wanted to invest,but I am not a wealthy person.The majority of your programs,you do have to be very financially fit to even join.Its not only the rich who want to make money,those of us who don’t have money probably want it even more.oh sure it would be nice to have enough money when you see items you want and don’t have to think twice about writing that check that’s got more than two zeros after the first number.But believe it or not there are some of us that would just like to be able to pay the mortage and utilities and grocerys and do it comfortablably.Also our biggest wish is probably to have all new furniture for the house you just bought and the American dream for us is to be able to drive that new car.The most of you probably have never had to think about that twice.But people like me do have to dream for that new car.Thats why we count on the programs you talk about that don’t cost much to join and you have a chance to grow some wealth where we don’t have to live pay check to pay check.We know we can’t make a lot of money fast,but just to have something that you can at least see the program you choose and mabey investing more to it some more each month to see it grow more at a faster pace,would you believe even that would be a good plan for most of us.Out of all the reports I joined.there has not been one program listed that didn’t cost a lot of money.There were no programs that you could start with anywhere from one hundred to five hundred and build at least something you have never had before.My family laughs at me and tells me and tells me I am the reason you get rich and I get some newspapers each month that I can’t make a dime on.Especially since I am a single disabled person,on my own,no one to turn to and of all things I’m tied up in the workers comp system.Thats got to be worse than prision.People are treated badly,and verbally abused and they will hold up your money in any possible way they can.And from what I understand,theres not to much that can be done about their tactics in holding up your money,there very good at excuses.I’m sure they owe me 100,000.00 n backpay.This is why I have got to find programs to make some kind of money so I am not at their mercy.So if you do have ways to get in some programs that don’t cost a fourtune.I was told about royalties,rietts,and many other programs,but never found out anymore than you just telling us.I was never given info about how to get started.There were a lot of those programs.The one in my mind that stands out was where you could collect money everyday off different co.and that was all that was mentioned.I felt duped.Is this what you do to customers?If its not,please get some info to me that I should of already had.If its a mistake,let that be past and please help me make some money,because I have no one to help me,no one.its horrible,and the older I get the worse it is.I need assistance at home and can’t pay for it.the insurance co. is suppose to pay for it,but don’t.They won’t until I can get healthy enough to get to Chicago to court.Please try and find some programs I can make money on,especially where you can make some money everyday.God has blessed you and if your heart is big enough to help me,which I have paid for,God blesses those who bless those who are less fourtunate. Gods Blessings on all of you.

  5. Why is it so difficult to make contact with the Jim Rickards strategic

    intelligence…..I sent in for the book (which I have NOT received) for

    $4.95 plus an automatic sign up for a year of reports which I have

    been trying to cancel for several days. The promotion code I received is

    MAWNSB22. The lack of communication with Agora and its affiliates

    is most alarming and if this comment can receive your reply to: I would be most grateful PLEASE CANCEL !!! NOW……

  6. I signed up for one of J. Rickards strategies two days ago. I don’t remember exactly how much it cost but it was

    less that the $250 you charged to my credit card. I did not want the lifetime deal; the one I wanted to subscribe to

    cost less than $100. Will you please tell me which “Strategy” I’m signed up for and how much it cost?

    Thank you.

    Jean Hubbard

    P.S. I do not want this “Strategy” for which I’ve been charged $250.

  7. Please cancel my Laissez Faire Letter subscription and any other internet mailings as I have no time to read them. My account with Laissez Faire id 00057240492 and my e-mail address is noted below. Thank you.

  8. please do not renew the following subscriptions. I no longer need them: LIFETIME INCOME REPORT PENNY STOCK FORTUNE AND MAGER’S100X CLUB . THANK YOU.

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