Agron Inc. Adidas


Agron INC. USA Corporate Office HQ:
2440 S. Sepulveda Blvd.
Suite 201
Los Angeles, CA 90064

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  1. My sons has had his backpack for 6 months and the straps have ripped I have tried 2 customer service numbers of 800-982-9337 and 800-448-1796 and both of them hang up on me after the initial greeting. How do I contact someone to redeem the lifetime warranty on this backpack?

  2. My sons addidas backpack has a rip down the side – I purchased it last school year (18 months ago). It had a lifetime warranty. Please advise on how to exchange or get reimbursed. Today I bought another addidas backback since the original one is completely unusable and is needed for school every day. Thanks

  3. I too purchased a Nathan Adidas backpack in August (school start) for my son and it is just October and it has already torn. Purchased because of the Adidas name. Quality just not there I guess. I will be returning.

  4. I would like to replace a Cooper Backpack which is tearing at the seams. Can you please provide me with the return address and instructions on how to have my pack with a lifetime warranty replaced. Thank you.

  5. Hello,

    I am trying to contact customer service that represents Agron Inc. the manufacturing company for Adidas Bags. My daughter has a back pack that is ripping, which is very dissapointing. The tag said it has a lifetime Warranty, could you please assist me in getting this matter resolved?


  6. hi i bought i backpack and it ripped.It is very disappointing.

    I have still have my warrante, so i was wondering if i can get it exchanged.

    thank you,


  7. hi, i recently bought an adidas strength duffel and the strap ripped. I lost the receipt but I know that it has a lifetime warranty. Is there anyway that it can be replaced? Thank you.

  8. Hi, I bought Adidas backpacks for my kids and the strap is broken. I know it has a lifetime warantee, but I can’t find the receipt. Can I still get it exchanged? Thank you!

  9. I strongly warn anyone who is even considering to shop at the ADIDAS outlet shop in Parndorf (McArthurGlenn), in Austria to stay away. I was there and experienced very brutal discrimination and racism. I purchased there for a few hundred euros and I had such a bad experience there with the staff that I will never ever even consider going back to that outlet again in my life. I would like to save everyone else from experiencing what I went through. They hate foreigners, they mock you, scream at you and belittle you. I don’t know how such a poorly managed shop can exist. horrible customer service.

  10. My son works for Gore and he sent me a gift of a jacket and shoes but unfortunately the sizes were incorrect. How do I go about to exchange these items in the correct size? Thank you

  11. Hello I just have a quick question I bought a bagback for my son in aug, back to school i dont have the recive can I still send it with out the recive.

  12. Hello, I contacted customer service today (1/10/12) about getting a warrantee replacement Adidas Nathan Backpack. I was instructed to send backpack to Customer Service / 2440 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Suite 201 / Los Angeles, CA 90064.

  13. Good morning, I am attempting to contact customer service that represents Agron Inc. for an Adidas equipment bag.

    I have an Adidas duffle bag that I bought for my daughter’s basketball gear and the seam by the zipper has torn. On the merchandise tag Agron Inc. is listed for providing a “lifetime warranty” on the product can you assist me in getting this resolved?

  14. I just bought a new defender II small duffel bag and am trying to activate the lifetime warranty. Can you please assist me as to what website I go to to get this done. Thank you.

  15. I am trying to activate my lifetime warranty on my adidas backpack, it says to go to this site I believe to redeem it’s uses, please help me, the customer go through this process

  16. Addidas customer relations America has directed me to contact you for resolution of my concern about this product. (incident; 150522-004614)

    On march 29 I purchased 8 pair of your climacool boxer briefs, it was my first purchase from your company. I had the stitching fail at the waist band on one pair already, I sincerely hope that I can expect better durability out of the rest.

  17. My son came home with a rip in his backpack by the zipper. Sent in for replacement (need to pay for postage) and they sent a new one to us within ten days.

  18. Dear sir,

    I have a Cole Backpack that has ripped and wish to have it replaced or fixed under warranty. What are the steps that I need to follow to complete this request? I do have the original warranty card and price tag from the product.

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