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  1. Distarous Airlines,I will start with helth & safety. No health and safety for paasenger. If you are travelling with child. I would say save your child travel by any other air lines. I am sorry but Air india has to improve a lot. Rating (-5), Minus Five Star or negative. 7-8 kg hard bag Lauggage fall on childs and no body gives sit about that! But Hey welcome to Air India. Namaskar.

  2. The worst call centre , you keep trying & trying nobody picks responds bell rings ,rings & rings. It seems every body sleeping.

  3. The most crap airline ever does not have any feelings for senior citizens. My 75 yrs old grandma was travelling and they offered no wheel chair service. What crap!


  4. Don’t call on the above call-centre number after 8AM UK time, because the call-centre is in India, and the agents go to sleep at 12:30AM ( 4.5 hrs BST)

    Some agent picked up my call when I called at 7.30 pm uk time, and he told me to wait, even after waiting 30 min, he did not call me back.

    Just to confirm if definitely I have lost him, I rang the number again, and this time no one picked up the phone, ever.

    Air India operates with bad air-craft, rubbish pilots (they often call strikes, so your journey can get cancelled even without your knowledge), rubbish customer service, bad food(shortage may happen)

    — but all that comes at the same price as any other Airline.

    So why Air India ?

    this flight troubled me a lot. Never again will fly by AI

  5. I had an awful experience with Air India when traveling to India last month. Due to the incompetence of the Check-in staff, my journey was delayed by 1 day, some of my luggage was lost (no response from Air India despite a number of emails) and I incurred costs in excess of £300 as a result. Never again.

  6. I have just returned from India and although I found the Flight Crew very pleasant the Ground Staff are rude and very unhelpful, my flight was delayed by EIGHT hours(Air India) and they did not even offer a cup of tea. I had to pay an extra £240 for my missed connection, but they could not be bothered about that. I am very disappointed with there service.

  7. I travale lot to india iused more or less every air line. ifind out AIR INDIAis the best air line. they lookafter their passenger.

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