Alamo Rent A Car is a leader in the car rental market.Alamo’s self-service car rental kiosks save time when you travel.

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  1. “On Monday, September 21st, I visited Alamo facility at Miami International Airport. I had a reservation number 27-2077002 with a price reserved to be $250 for 12 days, no including insurance. At the time to pay with credit card, we showed a previous contract, elapsed that day, with a better price. We got this deal from another employee the day before. The Unit Manager Mr. Alipio Vasquez, request from us to review that previous contract but we refused to show him the contract because we knew he was going to go over the employee that gave us the deal and we did not want to involve the employee in any trouble.

    His reaction was really rude and he ask us to leave the store “”get out of here, leave this store””. Of course, Alamo has a lot of customers, but we this manager behavior, Alamo lost one customer. Consider carefully who manage your facilities. These type of people is good for nothing.”

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