Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (Allianz) is a leading provider of retirement solutions, including fixed and variable annuities and life insurance for individuals.

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  1. Dears,

    I am writing to you from Egypt, my name is Khaled Hafez Ali Negm El Din, I am holding insurance policy number dated 31/05/2010 and I would like to share with you my complain in the following points

    1-Allianz agent who starts with me the discussion and negotiation of this policy called Hassan El Sabagh and during his presentation to me he mentioned that if I am going to terminate the policy after two years payment , I will be eligible for 95% from what I have paid to the company and accordingly I agreed and signed the policy in trusting first to the company am dealing with and I did not read the policy terms and conditions.

    2-When I called the customer service in Egypt they inform me that if I am going to terminate the policy I will be eligible only for 95% from the investment income of the policy.

    3-I paid 8 installments till to date equals to LE 162904.5and the customer service rep. told me that I will be eligible only for 95% of investment income around LE 32000.

    4-I have visited the Alliance head quarter in Cairo and I wrote complain to the customer service dept dated 08/03/2012. asking to terminate the policy as per the dialogue happened between me and Alliance agent and I just received today an answer ( after 3 weeks) saying that we are sorry you are eligible only for 95% if the investment income of the policy which is 20% of what I have paid to Allianz ( is it logic to pay 80% of the policy value as cost for insurance in the first two years of the policy)

    5-I tried to meet the Egypt Allianz Managing director and I failed

    6-In 2 years 3 agents contacted me and the first two have resigned and the third call me by phone only

    7-Is this the Company called Allianz Egypt where high Agents turn over, no Ethics or Integrity in dealing with your customers, No supervision on your Agents deals or commitments.

    8-I need my rights from your company and to reflect your company image, ethics , compliance and reputation on front of one of your key customers in the last 4 years

    9-I am waiting for your reply taking into consideration that the matter is very urgent

    10- The mMD OF Allianz Egypt refused to meet me and send to me his consultant.

    11- The answer on my complain from Egypt operation is no, Thats why i am seeking your urgent support and to keep the company reputation and ethics on front of your customers Regards, Khaled Negm GSK Egypt Business Unit Director Mob.

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    Salutation / TitleMr. First Namekhaled Last Namenegm el dien Companyglaxosmithkline , Egypt Departmentsales Street / NumberBoomerang building

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