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Allstate provides Auto insurance and Homeowners Insurance throughout the USA. Allstate is the nation’s largest publicly held personal lines insurer. Alstate Insurance is a Fortune 100 company, with $133 billion in total assets.

Allstate Phone Numbers

Customer Service: 1-877-306-6074

Customer Support: 1-877-810-2920

Hearing impaired: 1-800-877-8973

Allstate Hours

24/7 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Allstate Official Websites

Support Click Here

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12 Replies to “Allstate Customer Service”

  1. Your claim about receiving two checks a year without a claim is false.I have been with this company for a year without claims and got zero checks.

  2. After talking to a service rep, I was recommended to call them at 877-668-8525, and pressing 2 at the prompt. Much quicker service.

  3. Allstate is currently charging me for things i do not have their policies sucks they suck. Im going to the news media with their BS.

  4. No one can give an answer as to why our insurance on our truck when from Liablity insurance to full coverage WHICH WE DID NOT REQUEST.I have dealt with our local agent and she tells us it is up to the customer service at 1-800-255-7828, they in turn tell me it is up to our local agent, which is it? I see by the comments on this page their are serveral other people that have problems and get no where with All State…..I want an answer, write to me in the email section and I will give you more information or give me a phone number to call other that the one above… getting no where with this……

  5. Dear Allstate : where I live in Texas not all my friends and neighbors believe LGBQ are a minority just because Oboma thinks they are ! I have been a loyal customer of Allstate Ins. for over 25 years and would not really like to quit , but the first time I see a lgqbt ad. on T.V. for Allstate ins . I will promise it will be the last day I will have insurance with your company . So far I have quit Burger King , Campbell Soup , Home Depot and would not have any thing to do with Disney products to name a few ! Your sexual beliefs and other company’s beliefs should not be used to subvert your company ! If you think so please feel free to advertise using lgqbt’s pushing there sexual beliefs to sell your products . See if there are enough queer’s to keep Allstate one of the largest insurance . As for me I don’t need you as much as you do me . Please do not try me because I won’t come back 1

  6. I entered your Insurance site to get a quote on Motorcycle Insurance and went through the rigamarole of filling in all the blanks only to find that you use false automobile accidents to force a person to call if they want to complete a quote. You indicated I had two accidents with injuries and that is totally false. You are not a trustworthy insurance company and I would never, NEVER, NEVER, purchase any type of insurance from you now or in the future and a similar complaint will be filed with YELP. Shame on your tactics.

  7. On 2/24/14, I mailed check #1298 in the amount of $198.00 for renewal of my Allstate Motor Club payment which is due 3/18/14. Today, I received a notice advising that my payment for account no. 323218676 is due. I do not know why you haven’s received this payment. Please advise of status? I could not find a link to the business office. Any assistance in this matter is appreciated. Thanks.

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