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  1. On August 23, 2015, was the first time I ever had to use my roadside service and let me tell you, it was the most frustrating time I have had in a long time. I was stranded on the Taconic State Parkway. The person I talked to barely spoke English. He couldn’t understand what I was telling him. It took over 40 minutes just to locate on his map where we were located at. Finally, after an hour and a half (1 1/2) he told me that a service provider will be dispatched to assist me and take care of my emergency. Never show up I had to contact them again to make a long story short the service provider never show up because it was a Sunday and they did not have anybody to dispatched. Due to their negligence and inability to dispatch any assistance I was forced to use an emergency Road Service of which I had to pay $449.76 out of pocket. We had to stay on the same location for another two-hours until two police officers went to check on us again and they called them-self a private towing company. Needless to say, I will no longer be needing your service! We are going back to AAA. – See more at:

  2. Nice to see I’m not alone although it is sad to witness complaints about the service I have been so pleased to have for the last ten years. I made a renewal payment early in December for the next year’s coverage. To date (January 24, 2014)that payment has not been applied to my membership. I tried to check on the problem with the Customer Service number and was told I hadn’t made my payment. I told the fellow (outsourced C/S, of course) I had proof of my payment from my bank and the Motor Club’s bank. His response was no I hadn’t because his computer said I hadn’t. I asked for someone who could help find my payment and his reply was no one could help me because everyone had the same information he had. I wrote to the C/S Web Site for help and received no response.

    So I wrote to the President, Mr. Royer, and asked for my money back. Not a word from him or anyone else at the Motor Club. unfortunately, there seems to be no access to a reasonable mind at the Allstate Motor Club. The avenue of last resort, it appears, is a small claims suit.

  3. I would like to warn all future club members that All State Motor Club is very huge disappointment. We spent Christmas day on the side of a major hwy after a blowout on our tire and never received the service we paid for. If we wanted their help we had to hand over $175.00 dollars for a tow! They would’nt even just put more air in a low spare tire! Completly disgusted. Will go back to AAA! Also their roadside assistance is from Malaysia and India and spent hours on the phone with agents that couldn’t understand

  4. I have nothing to say but good about my membership! I have had my membership less than a month. ran out of gas. they were at my house in less than 30 mins. I bought a jeep broke down 50 miles from house they towed me over 50 miles and were their in less than 15 mins. I was driving a friends car and broke down they towed the vehicle within 20 mins. I have only paid $1.99 as far as to date. I have paid no other money out of my pocket! my name is Jack Stevens. I live in Oakhill WV. I would recommend this membership to anyone. they are not a scam!

  5. Tried to cancel membership through my bank. I now have to close my card because Allstate keeps taking out money. Fraudulent and rude. Desperate for members.

  6. Why do I have to reactivate my card? Nothing has changed but the date ?? Am I going brain dead !! Plus I can’t find the site on your site ??

  7. After reading on the internet, all the negative responeses about all state motor club services on ativating the ACCESS TO SAVINGS by logging into the web.I am begening to feel like I made amistake by joining again. I have been with Allstate Insurence for ages but if they are going to come down on thier services, the its time for a change.I have to see what these membership is going to do for me. If the WEBMASTER does not approve this comment, the they are just as bad. thank u. any response welcomed by allstate motor club or webmaster.

  8. This is rediculous! I have been a member since 1/1999 and have never had to access a website to active my card in the past! I have searched & searched on this stupid website looking for the information to active my card. To know avail, I never did locate it. What a waste of my time.

    ALLSTATE…you really need to make some changes!!

  9. Why don’t you have a “special Web” to activate the Allstate membership card. How

    disgusting!!!! I’ll NEVER have a membeship with you again! Waste of my time AND,


  10. On April 13th & called to tow my car to a service garage. a driver came i told him where to take it & gave him the key. later that nite i got a call from a gentlemen asking why my car was on his front lawn? i didn’t know, so i called allstate & they wanted me to call this man back. i told allstate THEY should call him back & get my car to the station by noon on sat. to make a long story short, my car didn’t appear back in Brainerd,MN until MAY 4th. i picked it up from my serviceman & someone had been in my car. wires pulled out mirrow broken, door broken, all papers from car gone, trash & cigs.everywhere. I am disabled & walk with canes, missed dr. appt.I called almost daily to allstate & no one cared. I finally said i was going to call a attorney & today talked to a customer service rep who said she wanted to send me a check for $50, i am way past that. thru the last month not an i am sorry or getting back to me from India. So, i am going to go to small claims court, hav contacted the attorney generals office, mn. dept of comerce & congressman. i didn’t hire these towing cos, i hired allstate. think again if you live in MN before you buy allstate motor club Shawn Anderson

  11. I am also having trouble activating my new card. have been a member for 4 years or more.why do I still have to activate my card sinse it is the same member iv had all these years.

  12. I called allstate for a tow. They sent a service provider who towed My car to a wrong address. When I called the tow company to tell me where my car was, they were rude and arrogant to me. I had to involve police officers to handle them. It took the police 5 mins to locate my car. Thanks to police. Allstate should know that I hired them not the tow truck

  13. Today is the first time I ever had to use my roadside service and let me tell you, it was the most frustrating time I have had in a long time. The person I talked to barely spoke English. She couldnt understand what I was telling her. When she finally understood me, she told me a tow truck would be there in 17 minutes. After 45 minutes I called the garage that she said she called, THEY DIDNT KNOW ANYTHING I WAS TALKING ABOUT!!! She never called them and thier towtruck driver was 1 and 1 half hour away. I called roadside service again and told this lady what the garage told me and she said ” that doesnt surprise me.”Long story short, we found someone on our own to help us after we waited over 2hrs for your roadside service. Needless to say , I will no longer be needing your service! We are going back to AAA.

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