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  1. “I have tried without success to use Almay eyeliner , evrytime I use it my eyes get very red and extremely sore.

    Why is this?”

  2. VEry unhappy with the changes in your anti-aging smart-shade makeup!Have used 220 for a number of years. The new formula leaves me with a pale pasty appearance. I” m unhappy About having to find another product.

  3. Any special reason why the mascara container and formula was changed? I haven’t bought some for a little while and was disappointed to find that the formula is very thick and the wand and brush is totally different. The new mascara goes all over the place on my eyes and doesn’t want to go back into the wand so the top is all messy. I’ve used Almay for years and really don’t want to change as I have allergies but I’ve bought two in the past week trying to use them but to no avail.

  4. After a few uses of Almay smart shade concealer it turns into a blackish liquid mess. Really like the product until it starts doing this .

  5. I have used Almay Products for years, now I am having difficulty finding these products in Miami, Florida. Please tell me where I can get the base, cover up, Etc,

    Thank you for your help.

    Sylvia Bott

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