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  1. I bought a birthday card the envelope did not have the front to hold the card for mailing. I had to pay 6 more dollars for another card. You should inspect your merchandise more carefully and not take people’s money and they don’t have anything to show for it. I am sure if it was your money you would feel the same.

  2. I am waiting for a reply regarding a charge for creatprint which is not something which I want to use and which I did not order – not by intent anyway. I would like the charge to be removed.

  3. I too had a problem even after I cliked on to cancell my account I was still billed on my credit card which I had changed the number. I can not use this kind of service because my friends will not accept cards because they are full of virus, even states so on the web that advices against. Called all the telephone numbers and web sites to find this one 1216-252-7300. Very nice in person Lady will refund my credit , why don’t they give you that choice on all the automated calls????? I am done with this kind of service for good.

  4. Hi,

    I cancelled my membership on June 25,2012. I received an e-mail with a Connformation Number. I was billed this month again. Please refund this new charge and cancel my membership.

    Thank You,

  5. Very unhappy. I unsuscribed but it conveniently did not go through and have been charged for the last 6 months, with international fees from my bank this added up to near $100 for a service I did not want or use. How do I cancel for certain this time?

  6. Impossible to get to someone to report charges to my checking account. I am not a member. How can I take care of this? Anyone know?

  7. I set up an account last year in the UK, I am now trying to cancel my membership as I do not use this and have got rid of the credit card set up on the account. I have spent half an hour on the website and on the phone to the States as I was worried otherwise they will take money and leave me with bad credit. They are a bunch of ****.

  8. I set up an account last year in the UK, I am now trying to cancel my membership as I do not use this and have got rid of the credit card set up on the account. I have spent half an hour on the website and on the phone to the States as I was worried otherwise they will take money and leave me with bad credit. They are a bunch of ****.

  9. you are a bunch of sorry individules your phone ring around the roses to try cancelling service sucks. to get to these people contact them on 1 800 711 4474 select on line membership (even though you are all ready a member)select new member ship that will get a live idiot and you can then get rid of your problem>>>>>>……

  10. How to Cancel American Greetings Membership.

    I called 1-800-711-4474. Step through the phone menus and select “On-Line” account or membership and then select that you want to cancel your membership. They will ask you for the phone number used to set up the account – enter it.

    They will then confirm the name of the person that signed up for the account.

    You select yes that you want to cancel and YOUR DONE.

    Good Luck!

  11. Your company sucks! I think I will notify the Better Business Bureau on your policy of automatic billing. I did not authorize anyone to keep billing me year after year. It is most aggravating to talk with an idiot phone answering machine that provides no contact number to talk with a live person.

    I will never, never ever buy any of your products online or anywhere else!


  12. I followed the instructions in posting from 2/22/2012 and they cancelled my unwanted membership and refunded my charge. Very nice and no hassle. Thank you AG.

  13. I Remember I sent 1 ecard last Aug.12, 2011 knowing that it was free because it said free trial for 1 week they’re only going to charge me for 2.99 and thats it but,I noticed from Aug.2011 until now April 2012 already they’re keep on charging me 2.99 every month .It’s ridiculous keep on taking money from my accnt.which I did’nt send any card.This is not right at all they’re stealing my money!! I think I have to call the bank to block them I dont need this freakin ecard!!! Betsy G.

  14. Sorry to everyone going through this ordeal with american greetings. Unfortunately, I was also in category until yesterday. To get a live person to talk to you, call 1 800 711 4474; select the online membership option, and then select the new membership options. You just have to be firm on what you want with the customer agent. If you do not break through with the agent, ask to speak to a supervisor. Hope this helps!!

  15. 2-18-12

    I want to unsubscribe to my memtership in American Greetings. Membership will include my friends, Vivian Moline and Suzanne Lenfesty. It was renewed in October or November and I would like to have you credit my Master Card for any time left on the membership.

    It has become almost impossible to figure out how to send a card and you don’t have the selection you once had. I have been very unhappy with it for quite a while, so please conform to my wishes. Thank you.

    Dorothymae Nestegard

  16. No way to contact and talk with a live customer rep. Help page says they are ready to help but nobody can be reached on the auto service either. The phone number 800-711-4474 does not get any results. It also says there is a “chat” option. That’s nowhere to be found on their help pages. See AG instr. below. None of it is successful.

    If you have a billing question or would like to place an order, please call 1-800-711-4474. We are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm EST.

    If you would like to cancel your membership please visit this link for instructions: Cancel my membership.

    If you have a technical question please visit our help center. Browse until you find the question that best matches your issue. If the answer does not help, then please click the button at the bottom that says, “Send Email.” If you require immediate assistance, we have live chat available between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST. Simply click on the, “Live Chat,” button at the bottom of the answer.

    If you would like our mailing address it is below:

    American Greetings Corporation

    Attention: Customer Support

    One American Road

    Cleveland, Ohio 44144-2398.

  17. I got billed and have no idea who these people are and when you call you are in a loop where you can’t get to anyone. I have no idea how they got my name and information to charge me!!!

  18. I just called my credit card customer service dept. to complain that a subscription renewal was charged to my account WITHOUT MY APPROVAL. I cannot even use the service on my ipad device. This company is fraudulant… cc company is refunding ME and going to charge these bozos back. Checked the website first and you cannot find a working number or an option to unsubscribe. AND when I tried to sign in I got a message that I did not even have a registered account. Total nonsense, totally incompetent company.

    It is time for a class action lawsuit, folks.

  19. Thank goodness I am not the only person dissatisfied with American Greetings and their service. I have been charged multiple times for some sort of subscription that supposedly was paid for in August but money continues to be taken out of my account. It is nearly impossible to reach a live person, and when the website says that people will actually be at the customer service area, STILL can’t talk to a live person!! This is THE most frustrating company I have ever had to deal with.

  20. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am incandescent with your site and service and reading above I am clearly one of many. I inadvertently signed up over eight years ago for a trial and since then I have tried unsuccessfully each year to unsubsbribe – either the site collapses / the connection fails at the lat hurdle etc, etc. Trying to contact a human being behind this service is a process beyone…. I have already spoken to my Bank on this subject and am at the point of bring my lawyers into the situation as, although the annual amount is small (which is why I abandon the issue each time), if you are hoodwinking all your clients into handing over money to you on an annual basis it is both immoral, cheating and quite probably illegal – extortion is the word that springs to mind. My customer is:. I DO NOT WANT YOUR APPALLING SERVICE AND I WANT YOU TO STOP TAKING MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT. PLEASE CONFIRM. Thank you. E Sullivan

  21. I only allowed American Greeting card to charge my account for one month. I see on my bank statement that this payment is charged again. I want to cancel this subscription and return my $3.99 for the current month. I tried to call but I could not talk to anyone. I believe this is intentional so people are stuck with getting money taken from their account. As of this date there is no more money allowed out of my account unless I decide to have it taken. Please credit my account for the money you took. Thank you Renee

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