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  1. In August 2013 I had to take a urine test for my pain management doctor. I had been using Lidocaine Ointment usp, 5% this medication was good until January 2014 per the tube. Also I had had a respiratory infection and my family doctor had prescribed for me amoxicillin 850 mg tabs three a day for 14 days. I took my last antibiotic the day before the test. Can that cause me to test positive for cocaine? I have heard that either one of them could cause a false positive on a test. (I do not use illegal drugs and am a Christian who trusts in truth but the test came back for cocaine and I lost my doctor over this he did not do a second test just refused to write my pain medications.)I have been seeking answers as to how this happened every since.

  2. i have had chronic pain for over 25 years. last year i receivd neuro muscular shots 10 in my right shoulder. this was after unsuccessful p/t, accupunture, pain meds, and rolfing. after neuro muscular shots i now have no right scapula pain and can move (for over 1 year). i now have the start of similar left scapula spasms. i called to make appt. at nyu pain mgmt center today and was told dr michel dubois is no longer employed there. i saw him 2 weeks ago and i was to return. he said nothing so i know this was last minute. he is too caring to abandon his patients. i called nyu and they said a letter was sent 8/26. i just got it from the mailbox. it says nothing. has he moved, died, retired? i want to find him as i am afraid of needles with any other doctor.

    how do i find dr. michel y dubois NY city? please help me.

  3. Hello,

    I am looking for an institute called “American Integrated Medical Association”, I am hoping that I can get more information via AMA??

    I beleive this association has something to do with “Southern California”. I was told by the instructor (a prefessor from southern CA).

    Decades’ ago, this institute gave seminars in Taiwan and issued a “Certifictae of Achievement” for successful completion of ” The program of Neuromuscular profession”, I was also told at that time this certificate coukld do an exchange to gain a working certificate in California.. please advise what to do….Thanks, Solon Lee from Irvine, CA

  4. of course there are no replies. There doesnt seem to be a phone number for the AMA. And I need to report a doctor ! THIS is our medical system and how the govt controls it! I wish you the best of everything xx

  5. Can a physician refuse to treat a pedicatric patient who needs surgery because the parents are involved in a nasty divorce? The father has temporary custody until all is settled; the mother tried to block the procedure because she was not involved in the decision-making process. It’s been a month and no medical treatment has occurred. The MD is now telling the custodial parent to find another doctor as well as acknowledging the need for surgery. Doesn’t seem fair.

  6. my husband had bone scans b4;the last time was in 2003;due 2 lack of insurance.he has a new full body scan done on 11/19/2012.his last bone scan they had him take off his shoes it showed lack of blood flow in his left foot & leg.last time they had his feet apart;this time he’s devevlpoed a knee that keeps popping out.this time the radologist tied his knees hubby’s social security’s up for rerview,& if this test causes him 2 lose his benefits;he’ll lose his medicare;& not be able 2 afford 2 get the test redone.We want his test redone the proper way,with a different radsologist.the hospital should not charge us to redo cross/medicare wont authorize another bone scan @ a different hospital.This happend @ Henry Ford in Wyandotte,Michigan

  7. I would like to write a letter of commendation for several doctors in my area because of their dedication and compassion of their patients. I just need to know who to contact, and/or where to send this information.

  8. When will Diagnosis/Procedure codes be issued for Stem Cell Bone/Cartilage Hip Injection procedures using Adult Stem Cells? Are there Emerging Technology codes created yet for these procedures? I’m looking at Stem Cell Research vice total Hip Replacement options for my Arthritic Right Hip and was told by a Regenexx Doctor in Louisville that nothings been created yet.

    Typically, a single joint costs $5K for the Regenexx-SD procedure. The Regenexx – SCP can run from $600-$900.

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