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  1. “American Standard Customer Service is 3rd Party. Only answer is to refer to a dealer. Dealer Organization does not have trained certified personnel. Just flunky guys with fancy tool bags.

    I do not recommend Trane or American Standard products especially since Trane is not part of American Standard. “

  2. Ordered and paid for matching AC and furnace. Dealer installed mixed units. Checked the Internet and found the price of AC unit several hundred dollars less than the unit I paid for. Is this ” Bait and Switch ” ? I thought American Standard would not allow this. Just letting you know.

    Very dissatisfied customer.


  3. Item in tub plumbing is subject to replacement and I was told to send in proof of purchase by email.

    When I heard nothing I called. I learned they were too busy to read emails!

    Still waiting for response.

  4. As is so often the case these day’s, it would seem that A.S. has sold out for love of company profit taking and customer service can just go to hell. So be it, I’ll find my own way thru this and will be sure and tell all who will listen as to which company not to do business with. American Standard has no integrity or pride left in their product. I say so long and good riddance.

  5. I have an American Standard toilet, actually and apparently made by Hamilton, color, sort of a light pink. Part of the lid to the tank cracked. Unable to replace it as this color was discontinued. So, now what do I have to do? Busy and toilet with a different color and I will have to replace the bathtub and bathroom sink to match the toilet???

    Not only that, if I want a color other than white, I would have to pay almost 3 times as much. Tomorrow morning, I am going to call American Standard to have it replaced with the same color and charge me what it cost them to do it. If they don’t, I will report them to the better business bureau in my state. It is unthinkable and ridiculous as the toilet is about 20 years old and looks like new, together with the bathtub and sink. It will cost me thousands of dollars to replace all 3 units.

  6. I have an American Standard Champion 4 Max that is less than 1 year old. There is a problem with the tank float valve dropping too fast to allow all of the water to discharge in order to provide a complete flush. I am unable to ascertain whether there is a way to just replace the float valve, since it rides up and down on a shaft that is connected to the float on top and the tank base on the bottom. Is there a simple fix to this problem?

    Thanks in advance,

  7. Don’t buy a hot water heater from them. Horrible warranty service. Actually, none. They stonewalled me until the unit went out of warranty. They are in the process of doing that on a second unit. The service agent has no idea of what he’s doing, but does his best to find things about other parts of the system that would help deny a repair claim.

  8. On 9-22-11 I bought a sink faucet ModeL 6424F Series/6425F Series at Home Depot.

    The cost of the faucet 72.24 This week I noticed a large leak of water under the sink

    and the plumber discovered that the valve washer for the cold water (right side) is in

    very poor condition and is damaging the floor of the cabinet. I am requesting that this

    bad washer valve be sent to me so I can do the repais.In fact I think that both valves

    should be replaced. I have the receiot of the purchase to substantiate my claim

    VTY Ramon


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