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  1. I always had good service with the amtrak guest rewards customer service personnel. forget “julie” it will drive you insane. the online site is good for roughing in your itinerary but i never trust a machine to complete the order. guest rewards is free so why not?

  2. I don’t blame Amtrak for the tornado and other issues that made train 6 seven hours late getting to Chicago and causing me to miss my connection to Ann Arbor. The taxi wasn’t waiting outside as we had been told, and the Swissotel you sent us wasbeautiful, comfortable, and had a great view, but the next day I discovered from the telltale rows of bites on my body that the beautiful room housed a bed occupied by bedbugs. An infuriating end to a difficult trip.

  3. I cannot get Amtraks ‘Customer Service’ no matter what I do including “Julie” who constantly repeats the same questions over & over regardless of my response

    Could you please have Customer Service contact me by telephone at approximately 1 P.M. on Monday 24th February 2014.

    By the way I could NOT get “AGENT” through “Julie” no matter how many times I tried. Something is wrong with your service in this regards.

  4. Thank you for the prompt and courteous service. However, it would be helpful if confirmation of a reservation cancellation was provided via email at the time of the online cancellation, as the email information of the party is obviously available.

  5. Too difficult to get inf. on anything w/ just some computer that doesn’t know much abt non-standard questions. It’s 9pm in Los Angeles & I don’t know if I can book a trip because of doubts abt connections, luggage allowed, choices of routes, etc…

    It’d be nice to have someone available.

  6. I recently took the train on December 16-17…silver star 98…from tampa florida to philly 30th street station…I am disabled and the staff was very helpful to me getting on and off of the train..the staff on the train as well were very nice and the passengers were having a good time talking and sharing food with each other..i hope my next trip is just as nice

  7. The first time I take a ride in your train. The service ok but the bathrooms terrible from Washington to Chicago no working toilets terrible terrible please try to work better sanitation and working toilets. Thank you

  8. My husband and I just recently returned from a trip on the Empire Builder roundtrip Chicago to Portland.We had a sleeper both ways.Our trip was great on the way out to Portland BUT the trip back was not good.We left Portland in the afternoon and by evening the bathroom was broke and had to be closed in the morning.We had to go one and a half cars into coach to use the bathrooms.We as were several passingers senior citzens.My husband loves the train and we have made several trips by train and will contue to do so but we were very dissappointed.Our porter suggested we complain and maybe some positive corrections will be made.It is a lovely trip but two and a half days and two days without working toilets made it stressful.

  9. October 13, 2013

    My trip from Chicago to Jackson, MS was a wonderful experience with two exceptions.

    First, your website advertises Wi-Fi availability which it does not have on the Chicago to New Orleans train. I was very disappointed when the conductor told me ‘not on this train’. I’d like to know from Amtrak ‘why not on that train’. Please respond to this inquiry.

    Secondly, the car I rode on the way back the evening of Oct. 8th was freezing and for some reason they couldn’t get it to a comfortable temperature. I moved to another car which was not pleasing to the conductor, however, I am a senior citizen and did not want to get sick. Thankfully, no one got on that needed the seat I was occupying. Overall, the trip was very satisfying. There’s nothing like a train ride! Thank you for your attention to my experience. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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